Lisa Vanderpump Breaks Down During Reading With Tyler Henry: Who Does He Connect Her To?

Lisa Vanderpump is joining Tyler Henry on the new season of Hollywood Medium. E! shared the details about what happened when Lisa joined him and who Tyler was able to connect her with causing a very emotional reading. Lisa has been trying to communicate with her dead grandmother for 10 years and Tyler is able to connect them in an emotional reading.

Tyler will explain to Lisa that this is more of a “personal” connection. This is a bit different than the way that some other people end up connecting to spirits. Here is what he tells her.

“It’s like, if she’s gonna communicate to you, you’re just gonna know or feel what she would’ve done. And that’s more of the way that she seems to connect. I think you knew how your grandmother viewed you in life and her personalities, so you know no doubt that she would’ve been proud of everything you went on to do.”

Lisa Vanderpump breaks down in tears in a way that fans are not used to seeing her. Lisa loved knowing that her grandma is still connected to her. Tyler explains to her that her grandma was waiting for her before they even got there today. She even knows that Lisa has tried to connect with her in the past. Lisa admits that when she sees a hummingbird or a butterfly she has wondered if it was her before. She wanted some kind of evidence of her grandma speaking to her. All that Lisa really wanted to know is that she is still with her. She knows her grandma would have enjoyed so many things that she has done in her life. This is an episode that you will not want to miss.

Tyler explains to Lisa that she needs to be open and she may have a connection to her that she doesn’t realize all the time. Tyler said that she should know that her grandma would be proud of everything that she has done. Lisa gets emotional during the reading and starts to cry. Lisa mentions how short life is, but this reading was very comforting to her. It is obvious that she was very close to her grandma and this reading helped her out a lot.

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[Featured Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for The Trevor Project]