‘The Originals’ Season 4 Finale May See 10-Year Time Jump

After the release of the casting call for an older Hope, there are now questions over a potential time jump for The Originals Season 4 finale. Fans believe there will be a time jump for the fifth season, and it could be as much as 10 years. The CW and Julie Plec are still to confirm these rumors, but the evidence for them is stacking up.

TV Line reports that the potential 10-year time jump could take place in The Originals Season 4 finale. The publication also goes on to suggest that the time jump is opening the possibility of a third spinoff within The Vampire Diaries universe. Plec has certainly made it clear that she is interested in another spinoff happening.

Most theories in a future spinoff series involve Alaric and Caroline’s school for witches. Fans believe that Hope Mikaelson will move to Mystic Falls to help focus and train her powers. Plec has already confirmed the witch will go there, but never said when that would be. It would make sense for a flash forward to see her enhance and control her powers and make it easier to film around child labor laws in the United States.


This wouldn’t be the first time for a time jump in The Originals. Season 4 saw one in the premiere. Hayley and Hope were left for five years trying to find a way to save the Mikaelsons from death. The next potential time jump may be under happier circumstances or mainly as a way to use Hope more throughout the next season.


Some fans have considered the casting of an older Hope may not be evidence of another time jump. It could be a future version of Hope comes to the past, after gaining control of her magic. There may also be two timelines running concurrently, which is something other TV shows have managed, including The Vampire Diaries Season 7, which showed flash forwards three years into the future.


The Originals Season 4 wraps on June 23 with its 13th episode. There is currently no start date given for Season 5, but it will happen sometime in the midseason slot, along with The 100, iZombie, Black Lightning, and Life Sentence.

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