Miley Cyrus Sports Cleavage, Shorter Hair At Recent Hollywood Concert

Miley Cyrus decided to share her cleavage with everyone in attendance at a recent Hollywood concert, according to the New York Daily News.

The former Disney Channel darling took the stage at the Christmas Creampies concert on Saturday night. Cyrus sported an extremely tight and very revealing outfit that gave everyone in attendance a good look at her star’s cleavage.

Miley Cyrus also donned a pair of skin-tight pants that were connected to her top with a gold chain. A pair of thigh-high leopard print boots rounded out this sure-to-be-controversial package.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the singer also rocked a much shorter haircut during Saturday’s concert. While her previous haircut was fairly short, this one is practically to the scalp.

According to E! Online, Cyrus wasn’t the only one who decided to give concert-goers an eyeful. During her set at the Christmas Creampies show, the singer was joined by a topless dancer who came equipped with her very own stripper pole.

Although the singer and her stripper sidekick will certainly be the centerpiece of gossip, Cyrus did manage to perform a song at Saturday’s concert. Miley was joined by Israeli producer DJ Borgore for a performance of the duo’s dubstep hit “Decisions.”

Not surprisingly, it hasn’t taken long for the internet to comment on Cyrus and her revealing, cleavage-baring attire. One E! Online reader seemed deeply offended that the Disney Channel alum would spend any amount of time with someone who takes her clothes clothes off for a living.

“Mature adults generally don’t associate themselves with topless strippers. She also has a strange style that we are not used to and don’t really understand, and just seems a bit too over the top for her,” the reader commented.

To see pictures of Miley Cyrus letting almost all of it hang out, be sure to visit the New York Daily News. What do you think about the singer’s latest outfit?