Insider Reveals Todd And Julie Chrisley’s Marriage Is Fake, Living Separate Lives

The fans of Chrisley Knows Best are used to seeing Todd and Julie be affectionate toward each other on the show. Now, Radar Online is sharing that a source says that their marriage is all for show and that it is totally fake. The source revealed that they allegedly live separate lives off camera.

This insider doesn’t want to share who they are, but they do work for USA Network, which is where Chrisley Knows Best airs. The source revealed that when Todd and Julie Chrisley are off the camera, they don’t show the same type of affection toward each other, so it makes their relationship hard to believe. There have always been a few rumors that Todd is gay, but he denies them.

The source went on to explain that Todd is always off running around trying to be “Mr. Hollywood” and that Julie is the one who is at home taking care of the family. Todd has tried his hand at a few things including working on a country music career. Julie has done her own things as well though, including a cookbook.

Another thing that the source said is fake is the way they make it look like they do housework on the show. The source said that they have an entire team of people under them that do it all. It is not shocking that Todd and Julie would have some help at home considering how busy they are with their lives. Todd and Julie have five children plus they have custody of their granddaughter, Chloe.

The Inquisitr shared recently that Todd Chrisley’s talk show didn’t go as planned and that it may not even air. An insider shared that after filming it all that Todd’s show didn’t come out near as well as they had hoped for and that USA may not air it at all. He is now trying to fix it and time will only tell if he can get the show good enough for them to want it.

Are you shocked to hear the rumors that Todd and Julie live separate lives and that their marriage is all for show? Do you think that this is true? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best when it returns to USA.

Update: Todd just spoke out against the rumors! Find out what he had to say.

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