Brandi Glanville Sends Odd Message To Eddie Cibrian On Father’s Day After Online Feud

Brandi Glanville knows what she wants, and she doesn’t really care about hurting people to prove a point. This has been seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills several times and recently, Glanville opened up about her ongoing feud with LeAnn Rimes. Glanville was shocked to learn that her then-husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, had cheated on her with Rimes while they were filming a movie together. The two divorced, but Brandi is now revealing that Rimes is making her life very difficult.

Glanville has accused Rimes of stalking her using social media, harassing her using her assistants, and even using the children as pawns. While Rimes has remained silent about these accusations, Eddie did release a statement, saying Brandi was lying and he found her behavior concerning. Despite their online feud, Brandi decided to release a tweet about Eddie as a father, possibly as a way to celebrate Father’s Day.

According to a new tweet, Brandi Glanville is now sending a strong message to Eddie Cibrian. On Father’s Day, she decided to tweet directly to Eddie, revealing that while he hasn’t been the best husband, he has been a great father. Of course, Brandi and Eddie divorced many years ago, and he has been married to LeAnn Rimes for the past several years.

It is very interesting that Brandi Glanville is taking such a proactive approach in reaching out to Eddie on Father’s Day even though their relationship isn’t great these days. He may have been surprised to hear that Glanville was accusing Rimes of stalking Brandi, even though he may not have heard anything about it until Glanville’s statement.

It is also interesting that Brandi Glanville is calling Cibrian out for being a bad husband, considering he’s now releasing a statement to protect his current wife. It’s no secret that there has been a feud between Brandi and LeAnn for some time, as Glanville is upset at the way her marriage ended. Plus, she hasn’t been too happy about the way Rimes has raised her sons at times, including failing to put a helmet on the boys when they were riding their bikes.

What do you think of Brandi Glanville’s comments about Eddie as a father? Are you shocked that she’s calling him out as a bad husband?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]