Val Chmerkovskiy Lashes Out At 'Vain, Shallow' Fans Who Only See Him For His Looks

Val Chmerkovskiy has had enough of being pegged as a pretty boy. In a series of angry social media posts, the Ukrainian-American Dancing With the Stars pro dancer lashed out at "vanity-filled" fans and random "bums" who can't see beneath the surface when he speaks from the heart.

"Don't pin your vanity filled mind on me," Chmerkovskiy tweeted. "Just cause all your shallow a** sees is a six pack and some good genes doesn't mean that's all I am."

Val continued with: "Spoke from the heart, about some real sh*t, and all 9 outta 10 of you saw was the looks?! Flattered? Nah disappointed, but not surprised."

Val Chmerkovskiy also revealed that he is frustrated with having to "dumb it down" and "sex it up" so people will pay him some mind "and maybe read into" what he is really trying to say.

"Ain't into it," Val added. "Imma keep laughing at these bums trynna compete with the aesthetic. Keep pressing, my pillow talk sounds way better anyway."

Chmerkovskiy, who won two seasons of Dancing With the Stars and is also a 14-time National Latin Dance champion and a classically trained violinist, threw shade at his shallow followers who are buying the sexy act.

It is unclear what prompted Val Chmerkovskiy to go on his rant, but the posts came shortly after he posted a poignant Father's Day message to his dad, Aleksandr "Sasha" Chmerkovskiy. Val captioned a video of himself and his father to Instagram in which he praised the man he calls his "best friend" and "the best human I've ever met in my life."

"The guy who's style I mimicked until he took mine and made it look better," Val wrote of his dad.

"The jack of all trades and master of all that he touches, because like he always reminds me 'effort will go further than talent.' To the man whom I attribute all of my blessings to. It'll never get old for me to sing his praises, because every day I apply the lessons he taught me. Pride without ego. Tact without arrogance. Strength through humility and hard work... and most importantly don't forget to season it all with a little sarcasm."
While some of Chmerkovskiy's fans praised him as hardworking, kind, and passionate, others slapped back and pointed out that he frequently posts shirtless selfies and other types of posts that show off his buff bod.While some fans can't get past the beefcake, Val Chmerkovskiy and his older brother and fellow DWTS star Maksim Chmerkovskiy have been vocal about their difficult early life—and their father's perseverance. Earlier this year, Maks and Val talked to People magazine about their immigration from the USSR to the U.S. after their father's lucrative retail business was burned to the ground in what the family believes was a mafia arson attack.

"My dad had two college degrees but came here and was boxing pizzas," Val told People.

"He was willing to pay his dues for the opportunity to live here and breathe this air."
The Chmerkovskiy brothers also revealed that they were bullied for their names and thick accents when they first landed in Brooklyn, New York, in 1994, and Maks was even mugged for his rollerblades on the family's second day in the U.S. city.

Val said that while the Chmerkovskiy family had "challenges" when they relocated to America, they never let it chip away at the "gratitude" they felt for the opportunities they had, and they always strived to give back to their new country. As an example, Val recently donated his time to help Habitat for Humanity, and he has worked as an ambassador for the charity Pencils of Promise.

In addition to Val, Maks Chmerkovskiy, who just became a first-time father this year, gave his dad a Father's Day shout-out, writing that if his son, Shai Aleksandr, "receives just 10% of what I got growing up (and still do) he'll be better than most."

Take a look at the video below to see Val and Maks Chmerkovskiy having some fun with Us Weekly staffers.

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