‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Wrap Video Released As the Bellas Say Goodbye To Each Other

Pitch Perfect 3 fans have been watching for any kind of news about the upcoming release so the wrap video for the movie is exciting. Pitch Perfect 3 has been filming for six months now and very little news has been released. Fans have had to scrounge for tidbits about the third movie in the Pitch Perfect franchise by stalking Instagram and Snapchat accounts of stars like Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick.

This wrap video is official though it was released on the official Pitch Perfect Twitter and YouTube accounts. The “wrap reel” teases fans with some behind the scenes footage and well as a teaser of a special announcement that will come on Monday, June 19, 2017. No one is saying what exactly this announcement will be but fans are hoping that it might be the first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3.

In the wrap video for the Pitch Perfect 3 production, Tish Sie, the director and various members of the cast can be seen on set. These short clips do give some hints as to what will be happening in the third Pitch Perfect movie. There is a very short clip of Anna Kendrick jumping into a pool of water from what looks like a submarine.

There is also a brief clip of some soldiers. As Movie Web says, this may suggest that it is, “possible that DJ Khaled and the Bellas are on some sort of USO tour for the troops, but that has yet to be confirmed.” Trish Sie does say at the beginning of the video that this movie will take fans on a “global tour” so that would seem appropriate.

DJ Khaled joins the Pitch Perfect family in this movie. He’s a DJ and record label producer that has worked with artists like Drake and Rihanna and others. John Lithgow will also be in Pitch Perfect 3 and there is a clip of him dancing with Rebel Wilson.

Other scenes from the wrap video include Rebel Wilson getting attacked by dogs and confessing that she’s allergic to them, Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins goofing around, and a big group hug with many of the actors. The wrap video isn’t quite as good as a trailer but hopefully that will come soon.

Pitch Perfect 3 will be released on December 22, 2017. Are you excited about it? Tell us how you feel in the comments!

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]