‘Attack On Titan’ Season 3: What To Expect In The Upcoming Anime

Attack on Titan Season 2 exceeded most expectations when it delivered a non-stop, pulse-pounding ride from start to finish. As the Season 2 finale aired, however, Wit Studio released a blockbuster announcement — AoT Season 3 would air sometime in 2018, and it would feature a number of major revelations in the anime’s overall plot. Considering the progression of the manga so far, it is quite easy to predict exactly what sagas Season 3 would cover.

Here then, is a brief rundown of what would likely transpire in Attack on Titan Season 3, based on what the recently released teaser has revealed so far. Needless to say, there would be spoilers ahead. Thus, do proceed with caution.

The second season of Attack on Titan covered the Clash of the Titans arc, which involved the revelations of the identities of the Colossal and Armored Titans as well as the debut of the Coordinate. After this saga, the manga went on to cover the Uprising arc, an extensive story that dealt with the lore of the Titans and the overthrow of the ruling family in Wall Sina. While Uprising has its high moments, however, it somewhat pales in comparison with the Clash of the Titans arc, especially since there are barely any Titans on the saga itself.

This does not mean to say that Uprising would be boring, however. In fact, Uprising would likely be one of the most disturbing sagas in the anime yet, particularly as it includes a good amount of gruesome scenes featuring torture and abuse. While these scenes would make Uprising gritty enough for avid Attack on Titan fans, however, Wit Studio runs the risk of alienating new fans if it releases Season 3 with the arc alone, according to numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit.

Considering the contents of the AoT Season 3 teaser, however, there is actually a pretty good chance that the anime’s third season would be far longer than the second season. In the short clip, the ocean was mentioned and teased, and for manga readers, this only means one thing — Attack on Titan Season 3 would cover both the Uprising arc and the Return to Shiganshina saga.

The Return to Shiganshina saga stands as one of the most high-stakes arcs ever featured in Attack on Titan. It includes numerous memorable scenes, such as Eren’s face-off with the Colossal Titan, the Survey Corps’ battle against the Armored Titan and Levi’s one-on-one skirmish with the Beast Titan. The truth that hides within Grisha Jaeger’s mysterious basement is also set to be revealed.

With the brief teaser in mind, it appears that Attack on Titan Season 3 would run for around 25 episodes, starting with the Uprising arc and ending with the Return to Shiganshina saga. The release date of the anime remains unknown for now, though speculations are high that AoT Season 3 might begin sometime early 2018.


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