June 18, 2017
Malia Obama's Alleged Stalker To Run For Mayor In Brockton, Massachusetts

It wasn't a laughing matter for the teen daughter of former president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama when a grown man was allegedly infatuated with her and was showing up at her place of work. Malia Obama was just 18 and this 30-year-old man allegedly showed up at her internship asking her to marry him. This incident was the end of the alleged stalking events by a man named Jair Nilton Cardoso.

By the time Cardoso asked for Malina's hand in marriage, he had already been allegedly stalking her in the Big Apple. It finally got to the point where the Secret Service detained and interviewed the man.

From the latest reports, it looks as if Jair Nilton Cardoso has found a new love in life -- politics. According to AOL News, when they spoke to an employee of the elections commission in Brockton, Massachuestts, this week, they learned that Cardoso has picked up all the forms that are needed to put your hat in the ring to run for the mayor of that city.

This is an odd departure from his previous efforts, which were to allegedly marry Malia Obama. Cardoso got his 15 minutes of fame when showing up at several different venues around New York allegedly stalking Malia as she worked and took in the sights of Manhattan this year.

Malia took a year off from school to do an internship in New York City before heading off to college this year. Back in April, Cardosa showed up at Malia's internship workplace and he was deemed an alleged stalker in the headlines at the time, but he is now calling this "a big misunderstanding," according to AOL News.
Cardoso spoke with The Enterprise, conveying his serious attempt at running for the mayor of Brockton. It was on April 10 of this year when Cardoso appeared on the fourth floor of the building where Malia worked at her internship and posted a big sign on the window asking Malia to marry him.

From there, it reportedly escalated into Cardoso yelling for her hand in marriage, which got him detained by the Secret Service. Previously, Cardoso attempted to get near Malia when she was still living at the White House and he was "urged" by the Secret Service to stay away.

Cardorso hails from the island of Fogo in Cape Verde, but he has lived in the U.S. for most of his life in the city of Brockton, Massachuestts. He is one of three people who came in to get the papers needed to file for the run at the mayor's position in Brockton. He is going to need the signature of 50 Brockton residents to file those papers and the deadline is August 1.

He believes he can solve many of the problems in this Massachuestts city, like getting construction underway for the homeless on property he already has earmarked for the spot. As far as the stalking allegations regarding Malia, Cardoso said he never even got to see her "eye to eye."

He said he saw her one day, but he wasn't following her around. He then went to where she worked so he could see her one more time, but the Secret Service intervened. He claims the Secret Service are the ones "who put up the story." He finished his story by saying it was all "a big misunderstanding."

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]