‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Star Alycia Debnam-Carey Teases A Return To Normal, But Will It Last?

Fear the Walking Dead has been through some drastic changes in its third season, but series star Alycia Debnam-Carey is hopeful for the future of the series. She shares her insights into Alicia Clark’s new evolution and on the behind the scenes shake up that may reinvigorate Fear the Walking Dead for Season 4.

Alycia Debnam-Carey Gives Her Character Some Normalcy On Fear The Walking Dead

When Fear the Walking Dead debuted its first season, Alicia may not have been naive, but she wasn’t as street smart as her brother Nick (Frank Dillane). Before long, the character played by Alycia was swept up in the zombie apocalypse with her family and forced to face a darker, harder life. Ms. Debnam-Carey now tells IGN that her character is getting back to that innocence and normalcy, at least to a degree.

The Fear the Walking Dead character was forced to kill a living person to save her stepfather (played by Cliff Curtis) only to see him die shortly afterwards. Now, as the Clarks find a measure of safety on the ranch, Alicia has connected with a group of friends and finds that she can let her hair down with them. In some ways, Debnam-Carey’s character was prevented from being herself until she connected with this new group of friends.

Alycia also defends the dark humor in the recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead, as far as the dismembered zombie head kept as a pet by the teens on the ranch.

“When I first finally saw that I was like ‘that’s so great.’ It was kitsch and absurd and so weird,” said the Fear the Walking Dead actress.

Ms. Debnam-Carey says humor can really help people cope with dark and difficult situations, such as the circumstances following the death of Travis.

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Alycia Debnam-Carey Shares Her Excitement Over Getting A New Showrunner

By now, fans are aware that Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead will set off in a new direction with a new showrunner and, as Cinema Blend reported, the series stars are hopeful for the future. Certainly, Dave Erickson has done a great job launching The Walking Dead spin-off series, but Alycia suggested the entire cast is viewing the change in leadership with more hope than concern.

“It’s exciting to see then a fresh new perspective of is there a time jump?, or will we carry on straight away?, or are we going to get completely new characters right out the gate? It does set us up for some really cool potential storylines,” teased the Fear the Walking Dead star.

Ms. Debnam-Carey says she’s especially fond of the idea of a time jump, particularly where her own character is concerned, because she feels that would create a greater opportunity to expand Alicia’s story. Alycia adds that Fear the Walking Dead could explore a larger backstory for the characters and infuse the series with a greater sense of mystery, following a time jump.

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Alycia points out that considering a Season 4 plot is still far off, however. The Fear the Walking Dead actress revealed that they’re just heading into the last three episodes of season 3 and says they’ll be filming two of those three episodes simultaneously.

Fear the Walking Dead airs tonight on AMC.

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