Lindsay Lohan Struggling To Pay Her Rent

Actress Lindsay Lohan is struggling to pay the rent on her Beverly Hills mansion, and, according to sources, she has been trying to find money wherever she can get it.

Lohan currently pays $8,000 per month to rent her Beverly Hills home where she has lived since February 2012.

Lindsay hasn’t had a steady paycheck in years but decided in early 2012 to lease the home after job offers started trickling back into her life. Since that time, Lohan has not managed to turn her initial job offers into steady work, leading to depleted sources of income.

Last month, the IRS seized Linday Lohan’s bank account, which led to her find work wherever she could while hitting up friends for money to hold her over. Lohan also recently sold her designer wardrobe to a second hand store.

According to TMZ, Lohan realized she was in over her head and asked to break the lease; however, the home’s owners wanted the actress to pay a huge penalty for breaking the lease.

Lohan has since decided to scrape by until February 2013, at which time she plans on moving to New York City.

Perhaps Lohan could talk to good buddy Charlie Sheen; after all, he did just pay off her $100,000 tax bill.

In the meantime, Lohan is reportedly drinking upwards of two liter of vodka per day, a problem that could be making it hard for the former A-list actress to find work.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will ever climb out of the hole she has dug for herself?