A New Love Interest for Glee’s Kurt?

The Glee rumor mill is simply abuzz with gossip about the Kurt-Blaine relationship better known to Gleeks as ‘Klaine.’

Just when Ryan Murphy teases series devotees with the promise of a possible Kurt-Blaine reconciliation during Glee’s most recent ‘Swan Song’ episode (Season 4, Episode 9, which aired on December 6, 2012,) Perez Hilton and Deadline both report that FOX has cast British actor, Oliver Kieran-Jones, in a recurring role as a NYADA Glee Club leader and a possible love interest for Kurt.

It’s about to get complicated, Glee fans….

Since the Season 4, Episode 4 ‘The Break-Up’ episode, in which Blaine exposed his extra-relational affair to Kurt, the couple officially called it quits and dramatically parted ways. After a lengthy 6 episode break, the hope for a possible Klaine reconciliation was broached again, when Kurt called Blaine to (finally) accept his apology for cheating.

While Gleeks and Klaine aficionados may never get to see an on screen make up between the dynamic , fashion and theater loving gay couple, Oliver Kieran-Jones is said to be cast as the NYADA Glee Leader in order to have the series better parallel its Ohio, New Directions counterparts, who just recently was disqualified (and therefore lost) at Sectionals.

While the New Directions have been officially disbanded thanks to the help of Glee’s notorious antagonist, Sue Sylvester, Oliver Kieran-Jones and the NYADA Glee Club will (thankfully,) step in and provide the much needed Glee club vocals that series aficionados dreaded losing, with the Oliver Kieran-Jones addition adding to the mystery of the direction of Glee.

With Kurt’s sudden acceptance into NYADA, the promise of a NYADA Glee Club and a possible new romance or even love-triangle between Kurt, Blaine and Oliver Kieran Jones, this season and future seasons holds great promise for Gleeks everywhere.

While Oliver Kieran-Jones may be a new addition to the Glee cast, he has previously performed alongside Kevin Spacey in Richard II and with Ralph Fiennes in Julius Ceasar. He is also a graduate of the prestigious LAMDA performing arts school of London.

Inquistr readers and Glee fans: What do you think about the possibility of a new love interest for Kurt?

A new love interest for Glee's Kurt?
Oliver Kieran Jones: A New love interest for Kurt?