Danica Patrick Unloads On Heckling Fans At Pocono 400

Danica Patrick is taking heat again, but this time the NASCAR driver is not under fire for her driving, but for the way in which she recently interacted with a group of fans. Following the viral video that showed Danica responding to the heckling fans, Patrick shares that she doesn’t usually interact with fans so negatively, but are the rest of her fans buying it?

Danica Patrick Gave One Fan A Piece Of Her Mind

Good Sports reports that the incident was prompted when a few fans got past security, shortly after Danica qualified at the Pocono 400. The fans were hoping for Patrick’s autograph, but, as the driver later shared, she felt that it would be wrong to reward the fans for disrespecting security. Instead, Danica walked past the fans without stopping, as she might normally have done.

The fans booed Ms. Patrick for ignoring them. As Danica shares, that happened at the wrong time, and she felt compelled to address the heckling fans for being rude.

Danica walked back to the fans and began a short tirade, explaining to the fans that her job is to race and not necessarily to stand around signing autographs. Ms. Patrick then added that she does her job to the best of her ability and attempted to make the onlookers understand how the boos feel to the drivers.

Danica Patrick explains her reaction to Pocono 400 hecklers. [Image by Chris Trotman/Getty Images]

“I don’t appreciate the booing. It hurts my feelings. I’m a f***ing person, you know what I mean? I’m a person, too,” said Danica. “I have feelings. When you boo me, it hurts my feelings. OK? Please just be supportive fans. I’ll do everything I can.”

Danica Patrick Explains Her Pocono 400 Rant

Ms. Patrick has since spoken publicly about the incident, following her qualifying laps at Pocono 400 and, as ESPN shares, it all came down to having an off day. Ms. Patrick said she has been booed before, as have other drivers, and the drivers usually shrug it off, but, on that day, Patrick says she “had a moment” and couldn’t let the heckling pass.

Danica says the boos don’t usually affect her the way they did on that day, adding that she very often just keeps walking without giving it a second thought.

A recent experience in Boston gave Patrick just the opposite feeling. At that event, Danica slapped or shook every hand offered to her and, proving she was in a much better place emotionally, the race car driver took a few moments to sign autographs, as well.

Danica Patrick looks forward to positive interactions with NASCAR fans. [Image by Sean Gardner/Getty Images]

Danica Patrick recalled being told she was an inspiration and adds that those kinds of compliments are the best at putting her in a good place and making her feel hopeful about her job.

“That makes the work, which is sometimes frustrating, worth it,” Ms. Patrick added.

[Featured Image by Sean Gardner/Getty Images]

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