Tom Cruise Apparently A Blast To Work With On Set Of 'The Mummy'

Tom Cruise has gained a reputation over the past few years that has fellow actors expecting an experience working with the Top Gun star to be quite intense and serious. The ongoing rumors regarding Cruise's practices with the Church of Scientology and how his faith has caused a rift in relationships with his children and former spouses have not helped to lighten his reputation either.

However, a recent co-star of Cruise has piped up and shared that working with the notable star on the set of The Mummy was a surprisingly fun experience. Jake Johnson, 39, who stars alongside Tom Cruise in the flick, admits that he was "pleasantly surprised" at how enjoyable shooting scenes with the actor was.

Daily News & Analysis shares words of Johnson regarding his opinion of Cruise, post-filming.

"I had read a lot about Tom Cruise and his methods - in terms of doing his own stunts and his intensity. I was really pleasantly surprised about how fun Tom was to work with and what an electric charge you get from him, and how much he loves movies and how much that actually rubs off. He makes you feel like you're a kid again."
Although Cruise's reputation, due to rumors including the actor demanding too much control on sets and divorce contract rumors with his ex-wife Katie Holmes and his supposed absence from the life of their daughter, Suri Cruise, has become quite a bit more negative since their split in 2012, fun and laughter does not seem to be absent from the star's life. A recent interview which shows Cruise laughing in hysterics about various memes created that include him in, display that he is not the uptight and overly intense star that many perceive him to be these days.Time shares about Cruise's reaction to seeing memes of him hanging off various superimposed objects and Cruise is overly entertained, to the point of tears. Once being shown images of himself clinging to Free Willy, hanging off the edge of an elevator shaft next to Darth Maul falling to his demise and as a miniature version of himself hanging off Nicolas Cage, Cruise was in need of water from laughing so hard.The actor exclaimed, "That's fantastic. Oh my god, why didn't anyone show me that before? That is hilarious!"

Numerous visits with James Corbin also indicate that Tom Cruise knows how to have a laugh. As the actor prepares to bring Top Gun back to the big screen in the long-awaited sequel to the action flick, Cruise is now rumored to be ready to spend more time with his youngest child, Suri Cruise.

The actor has been rumored to be an absent father to the 11-year-old he shares with Katie Holmes, yet things are reportedly about to change, as Inquisitr reported recently.

[Featured Image by Ken Ishii/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures]