Farrah Abraham Slammed For Racist Comment

Wherever Farrah Abraham goes, trouble is sure to follow. This past week on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition, Farrah has faced some serious heat for making a racially charged comment to former NFL player Ochocinco’s mother, Paula. The pair have been at odds with each other since the first day, and the fact that Paula seemingly often drinks during therapy sessions hasn’t made the situation much easier.

During the fight, Farrah Abraham got the whole house heated when she called Paula a “black piece of s**t,” which several members interpreted as a stab at Paula’s Africa-American heritage. Farrah Abraham, however, must have felt as though she were justified in her remark as moments before, Paula called Farrah “white trash.” However, it seems Farrah Abraham did not realize the implications and weight words like that carry.

Not only was Paula heated, but Kendra Wilkinson, who is married to African-American Hank Baskett, felt as though she was also being personally attacked. Kendra also has two children with Hank who are biracial, and she stated that she felt Farrah Abraham had also attacked them as well. Angrily, Kendra began packing up her belongings saying she wasn’t going to stay in the house with a racist.


Paula was removed from the house after she physically assaulted Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, but slapping her on the hand and back and then spitting on her face in passing. The pair have never had words between one another, but it seems she was taking out her anger on Farrah to her mother.

Farrah Abraham also used her sexuality and her sex tape as a tool to hit Paula below the belt during their altercation. As part of the problem with Paula and her son derives from the fact that he has many children out of wedlock with several different women, Farrah Abraham told Paula that she would “take a picture” when she “f**ked her son.”

The last episode of Marriage Bootcamp ended on an extremely tense note as Paula was taken to a hotel in order to cool down before coming back and reuniting with the rest of the cast to get the results of the lie detector test from the day before.

Dr. Ish and Dr. V have yet to confront Farrah Abraham on the show, but promise to call her out on her behavior.


[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]