‘American Idol’ Reboot: Ryan Seacrest Signed A ‘Multi-Million Dollar’ Deal To Host, Goes To Paris To Celebrate

Whether you like it or not (and it seems most people fall into the “not” category), the American Idol reboot is happening. The hit show, which was a staple on Fox for nearly 15 years, will be returning to television next year, but this time, it will be on NBC. Rumors of the American Idol reboot first started coming about during the last sign-off of the old show, when Ryan Seacrest — the longtime host — said that he was just saying “goodbye…for now.”

Now it seems like Seacrest is one step closer to being back on our screens as the host of the American Idol reboot, but what does that mean for all his other gigs?

According to TMZ, Ryan Seacrest signed a “multi-million dollar” deal to host the American Idol reboot, and he’ll be one of the highest-paid people on the show.

“The sources say the network offered $10 mil, Seacrest wanted $15 mil and they compromised somewhere in between… but closer to $10M than $15M. TMZ broke the story… Katy Perry snagged $25 million to appear as a judge on the show. We’re told the network, along Fremantle and Core Media — the show’s producers — have not picked the other 2 judges, but whoever it is they’ll be relatively cheap… because they have to be.”

Ahead of the news that Seacrest signed on for the American Idol reboot, The Daily Mail is reporting that he took his on-again girlfriend Shayna Taylor to Paris to celebrate the signing.

The pair, who began dating a few years ago, broke up thanks to the pressures of Seacrest’s many jobs. Now, however, they seem to be back together — and they even went so far as to make their relationship “Instagram official”!

“Taylor made her relationship with the powerful presenter ‘Instagram official’ on May 30 after the pair were spotted together at an April 29 MOCA Gala in Los Angeles. The Burning Man enthusiast has been developing her own online cooking show My Bikini Kitchen for the last three years, but her website still reads ‘coming soon.'”

Before dating Taylor (again), Seacrest was rumored to be dating a series of other women, including Sophie Monk, Holly Huddleston, and Tara Conner. However, Shayna Taylor seems to be his one true love, and he seems to be extremely happy with her, since she’s the only girlfriend that, to date, he’s gotten back together with.

But the road to the American Idol reboot hasn’t been smooth sailing for Ryan Seacrest. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Seacrest said that the road to the hosting has been “bumpy” and he nearly turned down the offer. The outlet was with him as he was going through negotiations of the show, and needless to say, it got pretty hairy sometimes.

However, ultimately, he accepted the offer, and he mused that he’s nothing if not the American Idol guy, because before that, he was just another college dropout trying to “make it big” in Hollywood.

“By the time the show ended, Seacrest had become his own franchise, whose many facets earn him more than $50 million a year. He hosts a suite of radio shows; emcees red carpets for E! and a New Year’s special for ABC; oversees a Macy’s men’s line and a forthcoming skin-care brand; manages endorsement deals (Coca Cola, Ford) and startup investments (Pinterest, Headspace); and, as much a modern-day Merv Griffin as he is a Dick Clark, produces a dozen TV shows through his eponymous production company. But for the first time in more than a decade, the man whose brand is predicated on his own ubiquity had no primetime presence. His name was everywhere, but not his face.”

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[Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]