Beyonce Gives Birth To Twins — The Bey-Baes Arrive In Shroud Of Mystery Giving Way To Fake News

Beyonce has given birth to twins and the babies (Bey-baes) have arrived in a shroud of mystery, opening the door for fake news to take off. Gender information, the exact time and day of birth, and the babies names have yet to be revealed. Neither Beyonce nor Jay-Z, at this point, have made an official statement via their websites or social media networks and have not shared photos of the newborn twins. The secrecy surrounding the birth of the twins has caused the internet to create theories and fake news reports that Beyonce gave birth to twin boys, twin girls, and one of each.

After a week-long speculation as to whether Beyonce and Jay-Z had welcomed the twins, the official word came via a spokesperson to People Magazine. Still, many of the specifics have yet to be revealed, much to the chagrin of Beyonce’s devout followers or members of the Beyhive. Did Beyonce give birth to twin boys or girls, or one of each? Did she give birth on Saturday or Friday when rumors surfaced a woman entered the hospital bearing flowers, balloons, and cards or earlier? Here’s what we know via People Magazine’s reporting of the blessed event.

“Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends.”

Yes, folks, that’s it. That is the length and breadth of the official confirmation that Beyonce’s Bey-baes have entered the world. Unfortunately for fans who are waiting for the latest Beyonce twins update, this is all People has reported. They have confirmed that the twins are here, and Beyonce definitely gave birth, but as to the details, facts, weight, size, names, and gender of the twins, no information has yet to be released and verified. Though a great deal of suspicion has surfaced thanks to rumored eyewitness sightings and even former President Obama’s statements.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z may be enjoying their private family time and keeping their new twins out of the public spotlight for as long as possible, but the internet isn’t having it. People want pictures, names, facts, and if they don’t get them soon, they’ll continue to make up their own. Here is just a sampling of what’s going on in the Twitter-verse after the confirmation that Beyonce gave birth to twins went viral.

Please remember the following consists of fake news stories, rumors, and gossip as shared on Twitter. The gender of Beyonce’s babies (Bey-baes) has not been revealed.

As you can see, fake news stories regarding Beyonce’s twins are abundant. No one knows whether the twins are boys, girls, or one of each. Congratulations are in order as well as a little patience until Beyonce and Jay-Z decide to release more information regarding the beautiful addition to their family.

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