Amber Heard Proves She’s A ‘True Athlete’ During ‘Aquaman’ Training

Amber Heard is diving back into acting, proving she’s bounced back from her divorce from Johnny Depp, and the actress is proving she has what it takes to swim with the sharks. Starring as Mera in Aquaman, Heard may not be the star of the show, but she is taking her role as Mera seriously. Training sessions have helped Amber get in prime shape for the DC Comics adaptation, and her fitness trainer isn’t shy about singing Heard’s praises.

Amber Heard Impressed Her Team Of Aquaman Trainers

In preparing for her Aquaman role, People reports that Ms. Heard has been assigned to a team of trainers, whose goal has been to get the actress physically ready for the demands of playing Mera. Obviously, Aquaman will largely take place in the water, so Heard, like co-star Jason Momoa, will have to be prepared for the rigors of that environment.

One of Amber’s trainers, Gunnar Peterson, says Amber was very eager to prove her value as an action-oriented actress, really devoting herself to the workouts. Mr. Peterson spent five days a week working with 31-year-old Amber Heard, so he’s just the one to ask about the star’s commitment.

Gunnar says Ms. Heard was all in when it came to their one-hour workouts and never faltered, even though Peterson doesn’t give breaks. He says Amber had fighting sessions with another trainer, directly following their workouts, and Ms. Heard jumped right into those workouts without complaint.

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Amber Was Eager To Look Good In Her Aquaman Outfit

Playing the sea queen in Aquaman requires Heard to slip into a form-fitting outfit, and while the green scales glisten in the water and may be slightly distracting, Batman News reports that Amber was determined to fill out the costume in all the right places. That was one reason the actress was determined to get the most out of her daily workouts, which focused on full body fitness to ensure a finely toned physique.

Gunnar Peterson, who offers a series of videos similar to the training Heard received, says the workouts focused more on athletics and movement, as opposed to specifically concentrating on building muscle.

“Squat presses, sled work and lots of work in a rotational plane against resistance,” Gunnar says in describing the Aquaman star’s routine. “She is a true athlete.”

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Peterson adds that Amber Heard got the best results out of the training sessions only because she was dedicated and determined to prove herself.

“If I could bottle her drive and conviction I’d sell that as a pre-workout drink!”

Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Nicole Kidman opens in theaters on December 21, 2018.

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