June 17, 2017
Android Nougat Rolls Out To All Sony Xperia XA Models, Two XA Ultra Variants

The latest Android version – 7.0 Nougat – just arrived to Sony's Xperia XA Ultra and now it has also come to the smaller sibling, the Xperia XA. Unlike the Ultra models, however, the software update is available to all five variants of the XA.

Sony Xperia XA Receives Android Nougat

The Android Nougat software was released to all Xperia XA models, including the single-SIM variants with model numbers F3111, F3113, and F3115, as well as the dual-SIM models F3112 and F3116. Owners should have received the notification to update by now, but those who haven't received it can check the Xperia Companion to see if the OS is available to download.

The Android Nougat update on the Sony Xperia XA comes with the Build Number 33.3.A.0.127 and the May 5, 2017 security patch level. According to GSM Arena, the patch is almost up to date, so no need to worry on that part. The update should also bring the new features of the OS, including an improved camera and support for multi-windows.

It is recommended to download the update via Wi-Fi as some files could eat up your Xperia XA's data allocation. The device must have sufficient storage as well, as Android Nougat may exceed 1GB in size. That being said, downloading also consumes the battery, so make sure that your phone has enough charge to avoid interrupting the installation.

Other Sony Xperia XA Ultra Models Still Without Nougat

Android Nougat was first made available to Xperia XA Ultra but, as aforementioned, not to all variants. Android Authority reported that only the F3211 and F3212 models can download the update as of the moment. This means that only the European versions can be updated to the latest OS, while the F3215 and F3216 models for Asia and Global will have to wait. The F3213 variant for the U.S. also cannot download the update yet. These models should not have too long a wait before Android Nougat rolls out to all of them.

Android Nougat rolls out to Sony Xperia XA Ultra
[Image by Sony]

The same with the Xperia XA; the Ultra variants should get the new features of Android Nougat with the Build Number 36.1.A.0.179, per GSM Arena. You just have to wait for the notification saying that the update is available for download.

[Featured Image by Andri Koolme/Flickr/Cropped and Resized/CC BY 2.0]