Photos Show Brand New, Massively Different Rooms At Disney’s Pop Century Resort In Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is making a lot of changes to their resort hotels in an effort to keep things fresh, new, and working well for their guests. Right now, one of the locations getting a major renovation is Disney’s Pop Century Resort which is seeing rooms redone section by section with massive changes and refurbishments. Pictures are now out and online for all to see, so, check them out to determine if Pop Century is next on your list of places to stay.

Starting things out, the first round of rooms with the renovations that have opened are in building 8 which is in the ’90s section at Pop Century. While an exact schedule is not fully known at this time, they are reportedly moving onto the ’80s section once all of the ’90s is done.

A few of the major changes that will be noticed right away is that the rooms look completely different as soon as you walk in. There is no more carpet as wood flooring has been laid to give it a much more upscale look. New furniture has been put in and a much bigger flatscreen TV now hangs on the wall.

You’ll also notice right away that there is only one bed in the room, but there really isn’t. One queen-size bed is visible while the other queen bed is tucked away as a Murphy Bed which can be pulled down from the wall and laid where the table stands.

Currently, the official website for Disney’s Pop Century Resort still lists each room as having two double beds or one king. The old-style rooms still are situated that way, but as more are renovated, all will eventually change to two queen beds or one king.

Along with the new draperies and other items, there is also a fixture one one side of the room which holds cups, the ice bucket, the mini-fridge, and a coffee maker. Yes, this is a Disney Value Resort with its very own coffee maker in each room.

The bathrooms have been redone as well and make for a much nicer look than before. There is even a sliding barn door to shut off the vanity area away from the rest of the room.

The room renovations at Disney’s Pop Century Resort are scheduled to be totally complete by late spring of 2018, but that may be pushing it. As the rooms are done, though, the resort is allowing for guests to book and stay in them.

Walt Disney World is really doing a lot of work on their resorts right now and Disney’s Pop Century Resort is only a small part of it. Disney’s Coronado Springs and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resorts are both undergoing massive renovations over the course of the next two years as well. It may seem like a mess for a while, but as you can see from the photos of the new Pop Century rooms, it will all be worth it in the long run.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]

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