June 17, 2017
Former Member Of The Four Horsemen Discusses Rumors Of Having Huge Heat With Triple H

It is no secret that not everyone gets along with Triple H, but there is one former member of the Four Horsemen who is speaking out about rumors that he has huge heat with him. Triple H had an extremely successful wrestling career and is now a big-time executive in WWE while leading NXT into the future. Former WCW Tag Team Champion and Four Horsemen member Paul Roma sat down to discuss the future of wrestling and if he really has issues with Triple H.

Many longtime WWE fans may remember Paul Roma most notably from being in a tag team called Power & Glory with the late Hercules. During his time in WCW, though, he was much more successful as he won the WCW World Tag Team Titles on three occasions and walked the walk as a member of the Four Horsemen.

Now, Roma runs his own wrestling promotion and he recently spoke with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling regarding a number of topics such as the future of wrestling, today's WWE product, and NXT. Roma has never been one to hold back on what he wants to say and he certainly wasn't doing it when talking about Triple H.

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There have been many rumors regarding Paul Roma having huge heat with Triple H over the years and as expected, he was asked about that. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Roma isn't entirely sure where that came from, but he has an idea and it isn't from him.

"My understanding is that he is running NXT. I think he is turning out a fairly decent product. I think people have a misconception of how I feel about Triple H. You might say, well I've heard what you said but sometimes that can be misunderstood also. When Triple H went to WCW and he first started, they asked me to help train him and sharpen him up and that is what we did. Him and I tagged and it was fun. I have no qualms about Triple H as far as that goes. I also know that somebody has either a Twitter account or had one and they were really going at it with Triple H as me and I cut a promo and told them to cease and desist because they are not me and if it keeps up I'll find you and you will be in a lot of trouble. If I want to get myself in trouble I can do it, I don't need somebody else doing it for me."
It's interesting to see that it was actually Paul Roma is the one who helped train and teach Triple H in the very early days of his career. There may have been rumors of huge heat between them, but this is the wrestling world and there is a never a shortage of information that goes without verification.

wwe rumors paul roma four horsemen triple h heat
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Paul Roma went on to say that he loves NXT and feels it is a "different product than WWE" which is a good thing because he just doesn't like what WWE is putting out right now. He finds it too predictable and doesn't think that it is working for anyone.

Many past superstars from WCW and WWE will always have their opinions on the current product and what they believe is in store for the future of wrestling. Those same superstars will also have stories to tell of the old days and how things really are. In this situation, Paul Roma may have a very strong opinion about WWE's TV shows right now, but he did clear up that there is absolutely no heat between him and Triple H.

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