‘The Sinner’ Spoilers: Jessica Biel Teases Dark Secrets, Cora Tannetti Feels Safer In Prison?

The Sinner premieres August 2 on USA network. It has been a long time since Jessica Biel worked on television. The actress wanted to stay home and focus on her son with Justin Timberlake. However, when this project came along, the actress knew she had to grab it. Viewers are going to see Biel in a way they never have before. In an interview with E! News, the 7th Heaven alum discussed some information about the show and her character, Cora Tannetti.

Possible spoilers might be ahead. If you do not want to know any details about the television show, then stop reading.

Biel explained that on the outside, Cora seems to have a normal life. She is a loving wife, doting mother, and is successful in her career. However, there is something brewing under the surface. One day, the family goes to the beach and out of nowhere, Cora stabs a man in the neck. She commits the brutal and bloody crime in front of everyone, including her husband and child. However, she can’t seem to explain why she did it. She claims to not know the man and doesn’t appear to have any motivation.

Jessica added that in The Sinner, Cora going to prison is almost a relief. She feels that she will be “almost safe” behind bars. She won’t have to pretend that everything is okay anymore. However, one detective named Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) wants answers. Some law enforcement officers would be satisfied having a killer in custody. However, it seems that Ambrose struggles to understand the reason she unleashed her rage on a random stranger. Finding out the “why” is what the show is all about.

“I think that she believes that when she commits that crime and she’s in prison, now she’s almost safe. It’s over. She doesn’t have to pretend anymore. There’s a relief. It’s easier to be here than it is to live in the real world.”

However, Cora Tannetti is about to take a rollercoaster ride through the depths of her mind, recalling disturbing events from when she was younger. Thinking about the past is not something she wants to do. Biel explained that for Cora, her past is full of shame and fear. As the season progresses, things will continue to get even darker as huge secrets are exposed.

What do you think of what Jessica Biel revealed about Cora Tannetti in The Sinner? Will you be watching this TV show on USA network this summer?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival]