Newtown Shooting: Sandy Hook Parents Condemn NBC’s Megyn Kelly Over Alex Jones Interview

Megyn Kelly’s upcoming Alex Jones interview on NBC on Sunday night has been replete with unease and apprehensions from both sides of the political sphere after the latter released a “secret audio” of the host assuring him their conversation wouldn’t be contentious. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jones released the audio because he knew the show “was a fraud,” adding that he’s quite sure the final editing will misrepresent who he is.

Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist and radio talk show host for Infowars, has been the subject of numerous controversies on account of his many outrageous proclamations, the foremost of which being the claim that the Newtown school shooting at Sandy Hook was a hoax. The Sandy Hook tragedy, perpetrated by Adam Lanza, left 20 students and six staff members dead. But various conspiracy theories surrounding the tragedy have emerged. Mr. Jones, for his part, claims that the Newtown shooting story was orchestrated by President Obama’s administration in order to rally support for the promotion of stricter gun control laws.

The parents of those who were killed in the Sandy Hook shooting are crying foul over Jones’ hoax claims. These parents know their lives will never be the same, not only because they have lost their children but also because the hoax claims have put them on the receiving end of harassment and death threats.

Nelba Marquez-Greene, the founder and director of the Ana Grace Project, named after a daughter who was killed at Sandy Hook, explains how Alex Jones’ claims about the Newport school shooting have interrupted her grieving and made her believe that her family’s lives are in danger.

“We don’t like to talk about this a lot because we do feel that it shifts the focus from our daughter and her life. But if I’m going to be honest, for five years, we have been subject to harassment, to death threats, to lies on the internet, suggesting that this thing that happened in Newtown didn’t happen. And I know we’re not the only ones. There are deniers of the Boston Massacre, of 9/11, of San Bernardino and many other tragedies.”

Mrs. Greene recalls in the interview how her husband, a jazz musician, was confronted one time by a complete stranger during a set break at one of his concerts. The stranger, she says, mentioned to her husband one by one the things that “just don’t add up,” virtually mirroring the rhetoric Alex Jones has been espousing about the Newtown School shootings. The man scampered away when Greene’s husband stood up to his full height of 6-foot-6. While the encounter didn’t result to any physical harm to her husband, Greene says that she’s been spending a lot of time worrying about her safety and that of her child ever since.

Marquez-Greene explains in the interview how Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook claims have affected her grieving process.

“It’s – the only thing worse than losing a child in a mass shooting in America is having to live the rest of your life defending that she’s actually gone.”

The grieving mother also revealed that Megyn Kelly reached out to her and asked if she could participate on the airing of the show. She declined, explaining that it was evident from the start that “we’re not going to meet eye-to-eye, and adding that Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones interview is bound to be a “celebrity” and “sensational” piece.

“I don’t think it’s helpful for anyone to be involved in this. I don’t think it’s necessary for any of this to be happening now. It’s shining the light on the wrong thing,” she adds.

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