June 16, 2017
OnePlus 5 Registration Count Exceeds 300,000 In 2 Days, May Be The Most Popular OnePlus Handset To Date

The OnePlus 5 is going to be big – in fact, it has already proved itself with over 300,000 registrations in just two days. And that's just on the Chinese retailer JD.com. The reservation on the website opened on June 14 and will close on June 22, when the device goes on sale.

OnePlus 5 Exceeds Expectations Ahead Of Release Date

The website immediately became flooded with interested buyers who pre-booked the handset. It has not been officially announced, so the number is quite high for a phone with undisclosed specs (except for some). According to GSM Arena, the interest on the OnePlus 5 is bound to be significantly higher than the figures as some want to buy on the OnePlus website and the others are still waiting for the Android flagship to be officially unveiled.

Hence, the OnePlus 5 might be the most popular handset from the Chinese company to date. Amid the aggressive competitors, OnePlus' smartphones slowly made a name for itself in China and, later on, in the world. Their dedication to providing a sturdy and high-specced phone for a low price became apparent through the flagships released each year, and now they have gained quite a following throughout the world.

OnePlus 5 Specs Wow Consumers, Design Not So Much

There are not much to reveal about the OnePlus 5 as the company itself took the liberty to randomly release bits of information in the past weeks. As of now, we know that it is going to sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, the one on the Galaxy S8, paired with 8GB or 6GB RAM.

A dual-camera set-up has also been confirmed in a photo released by OnePlus on its Twitter account. Although fans liked that the OnePlus 5 is one step ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in this regard, many criticized the design that seems to have ripped off the iPhone 7 Plus' rear design.

In response to the criticisms, the OnePlus product manager posted on the Chinese Q&A board Zhihu to air the company's sentiments, the Inquisitr reported. According to the employee, criticisms also plagued the OnePlus 3 when it was first unveiled, but they eventually loved the phone when they tried it. He is confident that the same will happen in OnePlus 5, which has protruding cameras because of some compromises they had to make in order to bring a high-quality camera into the table.

The OnePlus 5 will be officially revealed on June 20. Until then, let's hold off judging the phone until we see the real thing in the flesh.

[Featured Image by Răzvan Băltărețu/Flickr/Cropped and Resized/CC BY-SA 2.0]