‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ Recap: Difficult Clients & Big Deals

The pressure was on, as huge as the deals they have to make, on Thursday’s episode of Million Dollar Listing New York. Here’s the recap of what transpired.

Fredrik Eklund got the assignment of his life

Fredrik met with Ian Bruce Eichner, the developer behind the Madison Square Park Tower, who asked him to sell the remaining apartments in the building. That totals to $400 million. Fredrik agreed to take what Eichner said “the assignment of your life,” because Douglas Elliman head Howard Lorber’s instruction was to do whatever it takes to close the deal. However, Lorber said it was a ridiculous ask.

Fredrik had no choice but to proceed with it. He hired a helicopter crew and videographers to film the gorgeous views around the building. He also threw a huge party with a model of the property. Lorber showed up and told him to make sure the eight full-floor units get sold, via Curbed NY.

Ryan Serhant lost a client

Ryan had two property listings on the 87th street, which the other developer, David, was not happy to learn about last week. Ryan met with the rep of the other property, Joseph, and talked about reducing the asking price of $9.999 million. Joseph said they can go with $9.5 million. The client came back with a counteroffer of $9.475 million, and the deal was done.

Now there goes the problem with his other client, David. Ryan tried to convince him to reduce the asking price and make it more realistic. David said he did not want to hear about a price cut because that’s not going to happen. In the end, David suggested to pull out the listing off the market because he doesn’t care how long it would take to sell the place. Ryan was pissed about losing a client.

Fortunately for him, he immediately got a new client who’s looking for a two-bedroom apartment in Chelsea, Tribeca, or Soho that’s worth $2 million to $3 million. Given the outrageous prices of properties in New York, Ryan was not too optimistic he could find a property at that price range. In the end, he decided to give it a try and booked some showings, which would continue in next week’s episode of Million Dollar Listing New York.

Steve Gold’s client had insane demands

Steve met with broker Dana and interior designer Paul whose client wants to make several changes before buying the brand-new apartment. For one, they want a fireplace, and they also want to change the lighting, rip out a closet, and make all hardware dark bronze. Paul didn’t think it’s an outrageous list, via Us Weekly.

To add more to that, their client wanted to pay $1.5 million less than the asking price of $9 million. Of course, Ian was not happy and was not willing to make a counter. So Steve tried another strategy. He booked a few more private showings, had her assistant take some photos, and tagged Dana in them. He wanted to show that there are many other potential buyers interested in the property, which worked out. Dana said the client would pay $8 million and the insane list of changes were dropped, except the fireplace. Although Ian was still not pleased with the offer, Steve was able to convince him and the deal was closed, via Curbed NY.

[Featured Image by Alistair McMillan | Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]