‘Far Cry 5’ Guns Or Fangs For Hire Include Human Allies, Dogs, Bears, And Even Cougars

When Far Cry 5 releases in February, 2018, players will be able play the entire game in co-op as they work to stop the Project at Eden’s Gate cult in Montana. In addition to another player joining them, players can also recruit NPC allies within the game. Guns for Hire like the sniper, Grace, can provide extra firepower. Fangs for Hire can also be employed with allies like the canine, Boomer, ready to assist.

Players can give basic orders to their Guns or Fangs for Hire in Far Cry 5. When playing alongside Grace Armstrong, it is a good idea to look for high perches for her to occupy. Sending Grace to the top of a water tower or a building gives her the chance to provide cover from the high ground. An animal companion, on the other hand, can provide a different type of support, according to the Ubisoft Blog.

In the demonstration at E3 2017, players got to select one of three companions including Grace Armstrong, Nick Rye, and the dog Boomer. Boomer provides a different type of assistance than human allies. Most foes ignore Boomer until it is too late since he is just a friendly dog. He can go into camps relatively undetected marking enemies for the player.

Far Cry 5 co-op with Friends for Hire, NPCs as Guns and Fangs for Hire
Boomer can bring back guns and ammo to the player [Image by Ubisoft]

Boomer can and will fight when he needs to, and the good boy can even bring back weapons and ammo to the player. Guns and Fangs for Hire can be incapacitated, but after a brief cooldown allies in Far Cry 5 return to the fight. Although the demo had players choosing between one of three companions, up to three companions can accompany the player at the same time.

There are many partners to recruit in Far Cry 5 beyond those featured in the E3 2017 demo. In addition to the pilot, the sniper, and the dog, players will also find the pastor and the barkeep willing to aid them, according to the game’s official site. These citizens of Hope County are also tired of Joseph Seed, his siblings, and their cult.

Players can take a break from battle with distracting side activities [Image by Ubisoft]

As the Inquisitr reported, several human and animal allies will be available to players when the FPS launches on February 27, 2018. Among the Guns and Fangs for Hire, each NPC will provide something different to players. In the way that Grace is a sniper and Nick flies a plane, Boomer provides a stealthier type of gameplay, while bears and cougars will function completely different in Far Cry 5.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]