LG V30 Release Date Sooner Than Expected, May Go Head To Head With Samsung In August

The LG V30’s release date may be earlier than anticipated. According to the latest reports, it may even coincide with the release of another South Korean company’s phablet: the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

LG Planning An August Release?

The traditional launch window of LG’s V-series devices put the LG V30’s debut in early September followed by a release in October. However, a recent report by The Investor states that the South Korean company is eyeing an August unveiling instead.

Citing Aju Business Daily, the report also revealed that the LG G7, the follow-up to the G6 released in March, is now being developed to hit an early launch next year. The flagship smartphone may debut as early as January in 2018 to reportedly beat its rivals.

An IFA 2017 debut on September 1-6 now seems more unlikely for the phablet. Although it will give more exposure to the LG V30, something it needs in order to compete with the bigger brands, the company might be planning a reveal much earlier than that. Or, LG might hold a conference on the last days of August as a pre-IFA event, which some companies usually do. Either way, it doesn’t look good at the moment because of a competing brand.

Samsung Phablet Also Rumored In August

The LG V30’s rumored launch in August puts it head to head with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 that may also debut as early as August, the Inquisitr reported. Earlier rumors suggested a delay to Q4, but the more recent ones now say that the company will stick to the traditional schedule.

IFA 2017 also looks to be a good stage for the Samsung phablet, and according to BGR, the event’s Executive Director Jens Heithhecker is also interested in seeing the device during the show. The report also indicated that if the company were to hold an Unpacked event for the IFA, it might be earlier than the first day of the show.

This also suggests that Samsung might hold a pre-IFA conference where the Galaxy Note 8 will debut. Although the LG V20 was surprisingly a huge success last year, which might spell good tidings for the V30, the Note 8 is undoubtedly the more popular of the two.

Nonetheless, all these are rumors for now. Neither company has commented on the rumored release dates of the LG V30 and the Galaxy Note 8. But it’s likely that we’ll know for sure when either of those is coming out next month.

[Featured Image by Don Feria/AP Images]