Trump Supporter Accused Of Gay Bashing Couple Avoids Jail After They Fail To ‘Hug It Out’ With Him

A North Carolina resident accused of violently attacking a same-sex married couple while boasting his support of Donald Trump was found not guilty of the gay bashing after first attempting to goad the alleged victims into a group hug during court proceedings.

Key West, Florida, natives Kevin Seymour and Kevin Paul Taylor say that a drunken Brandon Ray Davis, 30, nearly ended his life on the evening of February 23 by driving his scooter into oncoming traffic, according to LGBTQ Nation, which led one of the married men riding on bike behind Davis, Mr. Seymour, to call out to him in an effort to warn the southern gentleman of the danger just ahead.

Seymour went on to state to Judge Wayne Miller in a Florida courtroom that his random act of kindness was instead met with violence by a belligerent Mr. Davis.

“Davis [supposedly told] the couple [that they] ‘probably voted for that b***h, Hillary [Clinton],’ called them ‘f***ots,’ and followed them [both on his scooter],” writers for LGBTQ Nation expressed, “before [Davis] rode his scooter into Seymour’s rear bike tire,” sending him crashing to the concrete.

“I tried to save this man’s life,” Mr. Seymour went on to note to Judge Miller.

“He tried to end mine. I landed on my feet, [however, by] the luck of it.”

Seymour then said that after he was knocked to the ground by the drunken Trump supporter, Mr. Davis continued his gay bashing of the couple by threatening to “cut [Seymour’s] f***ot body up” if he or his husband called the police on Davis.

“[You’re] in Trump country now,” Davis supposedly spewed at the gay couple as they tended to one another.

Davis on stand, however, displayed a very different attitude toward the married men, as Metro provides.

“My heart goes out to you guys, every bit of it,” Davis apparently told Taylor and Seymour before asking the two men to join hands with him in an effort to have what is defined by Urban Dictionary as a come-to-Jesus moment by “hugging it out” with one another.

“I’m asking [the two of you] to come put your arms around me [and] take my hand,” Davis implored Mr. Taylor and Mr. Seymour as he walked toward them from the witness stand.

Both men denied his request, however, and remained in their seats.

trump gay bashing
A Trump voter from North Carolina reportedly attempted to engage a "come-to-Jesus" moment with the two men he was accused of gay bashing. [Image by michaklootwijk/iStock]

A prior deal made by Davis through his counsel earlier in the week was ultimately upheld by Judge Miller at trial’s end, and as such, the Trump fan was given four years of probation for the gay bashing and ordered to perform 75 hours of community service — with a portion of that time being regulated solely to Davis doing work at an LGBTQ-related organization — in lieu of jail time for his supposed hate crime.

“He is also banned from drinking alcohol for two years, must undergo both psychological and substance abuse evaluations, and is required to take anger management classes,” LGBTQ Nation goes on to say.

Davis admitted during his testimony that alcohol was the catalyst for his actions and claimed that they weren’t based on his overall feelings toward the LGBTQ community, with several acquaintances of his, including his fiance, offering up nearly 30 character reference letters to Judge Miller in an effort to prove Davis’ more-positive traits.

Mr. Taylor, understandably, has a hard time finding any redeemable points in his alleged attacker.

“At the end of the day, he assaulted us,” he said about the Trump supporter, adding, “[Davis should’ve gotten] at least a few days in jail,” for the supposed gay bashing.

[Featured Image by Onslow Sheriff’s County Office]