Katherine Langford Returns In ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2: Get The Latest Details

13 Reasons Why Season 2 is officially on the way and the Netflix hit has started filming. Katherine Langford returns as Hannah Baker in her breakout role in the series. If you have finished binge-watching the first season (spoilers below), you are probably surprised that Katherine Langford is reprising her role as Hannah Baker. The series showed the character’s controversial suicide and the thirteen reasons why she did it was shown in the first season.

However, the series left a lot of doors open surrounding the character’s involved in Hannah’s suicide. Alex Standall attempted to commit suicide and Bryce Walker still has to answer for what he did to Hannah and Jessica. There may also be more tapes that viewers are not aware of; therefore, there are a lot of angles the series can explore in a second season. 13 Reasons Why wasn’t written to have a second season, according to the author of the book, but the writers are going to explore the cliffhangers in the finale and much more. Since Hannah Baker is dead, Katherine Langford will probably reprise her role in flashbacks as she did in most of the first season.

The 21-year old actress confirmed her return in a now deleted Instagram post, teasing Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, which you can see below:

Fans also spotted Langford filming a scene in Season 2

While Hannah Baker is returning, she is unlikely to be the focal point of the second series. Rather, the upcoming season will focus on the fallout of her suicide. It is also unlikely that Clay’s taped confession of Bryce will be admissible in court and the rape case will probably be one of the main plots. Jessica also opened up to her father about the rape, the plot will likely follow up on this and the support rape survivor’s require. We are also yet to see how Hannah’s parents react the the tapes as they were only getting started in the finale of season 1.

Talking to Sydney MorningHerald, Katherine Langford spoke about 13 Reasons Why and her unexpected rise to fame:

“I think my story is a bit bizarre,” Langford tells the publication. “I don’t think anyone had any idea [13 Reasons Why] was going to be as big as it has been. I feel like it happened for a reason, and I know that sounds silly. It’s definitely been the hardest – but it’s been the best – first job I could have ever asked for.”

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