‘One Piece’ Chapter 870: Will Bege Die And Expose The Alliance To Big Mom’s Forces?

Fans are definitely hyped on what to expect in One Piece Chapter 870 now that Big Mom has finally come to her senses. While the offensive capability of Bege’s Rook Ein Grosser Vater: Big Father might have been nullified by mochi and candy, the Vinsmokes have somehow regained their high-tech suit and were able to fight some of Big Mom’s forces.

One Piece Chapter 869, which is already available online via Manga Stream, revealed just how bad the situation for the Straw Hats-Fire Tanks alliance really is. After their Big Mom assassination plot utterly failed, including their sole escape plan, they are literally trapped in the middle of enemy territory.

But at least they had one refuge left. Capone Bege had no choice but to activate his special ability the Big Father, which basically turned his entire body into a huge, well-armed castle-like humanoid, complete with cannons. With their escape route shattered, the Straw Hats and Fire Tank Pirates quickly went inside the well-defended safe zone.

But it was only an illusion of safety after all. As previously speculated by the Inquisitr, Bege’s Big Father might be best utilized to blast an escape route for the Alliance. But against the numerous strong fighters from the Yonko’s group, it might not be as effective and may only give temporary protection at best. Bege was only able to fire the cannons of Big Father at Big Mom only once before they were rendered inoperable due to some mochi stuffed into them.

Even Capone Bege confirmed that his Big Father form is not as impregnable as it looks. Since the castle is actually his body, he will die if it gets destroyed, leaving the Straw Hats and the Fire Tank Pirate exposed to Big Mom’s crew.

And the worst part is that Big Mom regained her senses. With the Yonko no longer vulnerable and mindlessly screaming, she demanded those inside Big Father to show themselves. Punching Big Father’s face, the smaller Bege’s face started bleeding due to the Yonko’s attack on the Big Father.

Of course, this raises the possibility that Capone Bege could die in One Piece Chapter 870. While it is expected that Luffy and the Straw Hats will fight for Bege, the difference in power between them and Big Mom’s crew is going to be problematic. That is, unless they get help from another group.

Fortunately, the group that could help them is inside the very same room they are in, the Vinsmokes. Last Chapter, the Vinsmokes were finally able to activate their high-tech armor known as the shape memory armor and seemed to be successful in subduing Big Mom’s underlings assigned to assassinate them.

But will Germa 66’s high-tech weaponry prevail aginst the brute strength of Big Mom’s top fighters? The outcome of this fight is still uncertain. The Germa 66 is certainly a force to be reckoned with that even the Yonko herself wanted it for her own. It is the sole reason why she arranged Sanji and Pudding’s wedding in the first place.

Another exciting possibility is that the Tamatebako’s absence could be the cause of another mindless rage by Big Mom. It is unclear where it fell after it was thrown away during the last chapter, but there are speculations that its explosion could somehow be factored into the storyline, probably as a means of the Alliance’s escape.

Unfortunately, the wait for One Piece Chapter 870 will be a bit longer this time. As announced last issue, the team will be on break next week and will release the highly anticipated chapter the following week.

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