‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Are Nate And Sheila Headed For Divorce After Fight Over Her Friend?

Married at First Sight is reaching a breaking point for at least one couple, with spoilers pointing to a potential split for Nate and Sheila after an explosive fight.

The couple has so far endured the drama of Nate’s over-involved family, but it appears that Sheila’s platonic friend, Donnay, could be too much for them to overcome. On this week’s episode, the newlyweds got into quite a fight after Sheila confronted a very tipsy Nate about his line of questioning to Donnay at the couple’s first party thrown together.

At the party, Sheila insinuated that Nate was “interrogating” her friend, and Married at First Sight viewers were left wondering what would come next.

“As Nate and Sheila continue to bicker, the episode ends in the middle of their fight, hinting that the issue will be yet another hurdle for them to jump over,” In Touch Weekly noted. “Although, judging by the previews for next week, they might have to deal with Nate’s mother first.”

While the spoilers point to a potential Married at First Sight split for the couple, Nate himself has a different view of what happened at the party. In a blog post published by People, Nate wrote that he regretted the incident.

“By no means am I insecure nor has Sheila done anything with him to make me feel insecure, but at the moment I was more than tipsy and was easily influenced by the convincer. In retrospect, I look back and say that’s not Nate-like, but in life you live and you learn. The goal is to do better and not repeat similar mistakes.”

Sheila mostly agreed that the incident was a blip, but still seemed a bit heated over it in her blog post.

“Once Nate called his friends over, I had seen enough. Married or not, I wasn’t about to let one of my dearest friends get railroaded when he did absolutely nothing wrong. If my husband had a concern, cool, we could work together to address it; but not like this. Looking back, I could’ve definitely been more patient with Nate.”

There are some signs that Nate and Sheila have worked out their differences already. As Us Weekly noted, Nate this week posted a picture in which he’s holding hands with Sheila, potentially heading off any spoilers that the couple is nearing divorce.

And other reports point to a solid future for Nate and Sheila, who so far had been able to manage the other blips they had faced, especially when it came to Nate’s family.

But with the show leaving the fight between Nate and Sheila unresolved and hinting at the return of Nate’s mom, viewers who want to find out if the Married at First Sight spoilers of a potential break-up come true will have to tune in again next week.

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