Lamar Odom Blinded By Khloe’s Fertility Confession, She Never Wanted His Baby

Lamar Odom was stunned to find out during a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that Khloe had been “fake trying” to have a baby while she was in a committed relationship with the NBA player.

Lamar, who reportedly caught the episode, wasn’t aware of the fact that Khloe Kardashian had no intentions of starting a family with him, and that’s despite the fact that she had done plenty of interviews at the time, stressing how she couldn’t wait to be a mother and settle down with Odom.

Lamar is absolutely devastated from what he saw, so much that he is calling it a complete stab in the heart by the woman he once called the love of his life.

Granted, Lamar Odom made plenty of mistakes, which he’s owned up to, including his drug addiction battle and the fact that he cheated on the reality star on multiple occasions, but never was it hidden from the 32-year-old. When confronted, Lamar was brutally honest with his addiction struggle.

With the TV personality, on the other hand, if she had made it known to Lamar Odom that she didn’t want to have kids with him, that would have been a different story, a source tells Hollywood Life, but the fact that she lied about trying for a baby has annoyed the former athlete beyond belief.

Insiders stress, saying that Lamar Odom can’t believe Khloe would have lied about something so serious. It’s clear to him that she had no plans to settle down with him, and a reason for that would have been due to his addiction at the time, but he can’t understand why she would lie to him about it and make him think he was going to become a father again.

“Lamar saw what Khloe had to say about not really trying to get pregnant with him and honestly, it was a stab to the heart,” an insider tells Hollywood Life.

“Meanwhile, Khloe blames him for everything and takes no accountability. But, while they were married, she had always said that she felt like he was her soul mate; and having babies with him was all she wanted. Nonetheless, now, she’s saying it was all lies.”

Lamar Odom and Khloe haven’t spoken in close to a year. Following his relapse last summer, Lamar was told by a group of close friends that his ex-wife had decided to cut all ties with him, insisting that she wasn’t going to save him from another overdose, having helped him recover from his initial near-death experience in October, 2015.

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