Jessica Simpson Shares Adorable Photos Of Daughter’s Preschool Graduation

Jessica Simpson recently faced quite a bit of backlash after she posted photos of her 5-year-old daughter, Maxwell, in a bathing suit. Several commenters were possibly trying to help by telling her that pedophiles were always lurking around and saving photos of children who were scantily clad. In order to stick it to the haters, Jessica Simpson posted a photo of her daughter wearing a two-piece bathing suit on her scooter after having a swim.

And now Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell is all grown up and is graduating from preschool.

The pop star-turned-billion-dollar fashion designer lamented that her little girl was growing up and was all excited for kindergarten, which would make any mother, famous or not, extremely weepy. Underneath the Instagram photo of Maxwell posing in a royal blue graduation gown, Jessica asked if any other mothers have tips for dealing with their child growing up. She also posted an adorable quote about her daughter spreading her wings and flying and finally turning into her own butterfly.

Jessica Simpson has faced backlash not only for photographing her daughter in a two-piece but also for her recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she appeared to be totally incoherent and didn’t make a lot of sense. The mother of two overshared several things about her life, including that she had an IUD placed in her uterus.

She also told Ellen that she was returning to singing and had written 35 or 39 or 37 songs, but Simpson couldn’t remember how many she had done. Ellen, however, seemed doubtful of the pop star, as she also had trouble remembering how many years she had been together with her husband, Eric Johnson, and claimed that he often massaged her in her sleep. One Australian news outlet called the interview “Anna Nicole level of incoherent,” which is pretty bad.

It was recently alleged that Jessica Simpson has been struggling with substance abuse issues ever since her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. It has been claimed, but not confirmed, that Jessica has been abusing prescription pills and mixing them with alcohol, which explains her loopy behavior on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. No one from her camp has confirmed or denied the allegations.

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]