The ‘Yukon Men’ Season Finale Hints At More Changes For Some As One Young Couple Attempts A Perilous Journey

On this season of Yukon Men, the residents of Tanana have had to deal with an influx of strangers as the new road to town opened. Times have been tough, and Broadway World shared that a recent fire wreaked havoc on the environment around the small village, making it difficult for residents to find any game to hunt nearby. To make matters worse, people are coming into the area and doing as they please. A moose that could have provided much-needed meat was shot just for the antlers, trash was left at campsites, and Charlie’s ancestral trap line was taken over by strangers coming into the area from the road.

Yukon Men posted a preview clip of the season finale on their Twitter page, and the narrator states, “Villagers face a life forever changed by the outside world.” Charlie considers a different way to make a living, one that could mean moving from Tanana. Meanwhile, Stan Zuray builds a survival cabin that he plans to place along the road because he’s worried if someone becomes stranded by snow drifts, they could very well die if stranded for too long. Later, moving the cabin proves much more difficult and dangerous than he could have imagined.

Last season, viewers were introduced to Chris and Jessi Morse, two young homesteaders who decided to begin a new life on the Cosna river. Monsters and Critics noted that the couple had learned to be creative and when Jessi shared her concerns about the lack of lighting in their cabin, Chris was able to build a battery charger so they could have lights during the long winter months. Living so remotely hasn’t been easy, but with a lot of hard work and determination, the couple was succeeding at homesteading until a vicious storm roared through. A food cache they just built with the help of Chris’ father, Stuart, was destroyed along with most of their food.

Jessi convinces Chris that if they try and tough out the winter months at the cabin, they will die. They decide to use the last of their gas to try and make it to the new road, where they hope to flag down someone who can help them get to town. Unfortunately, the trek takes a lot longer than they planned, and on the final episode, aptly titled “End of the Road,” they run out of gas for their snow machine. Finding themselves stranded and lost, Chris is worried that if they have to spend one more night outside in the minus 50-degree temperatures, they won’t survive. Perhaps they will stumble on the cabin that Stan built, which would give them a place to stay for the night.

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[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]