T.I. & Tiny Harris Still Sleeping Together? Bernice Burgos Reportedly ‘P***ed’

T.I. and Tiny Harris confirmed that they would be divorcing during the finale of their VH1 reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle earlier this month, but sources are now alleging that the estranged couple could be back on.

According to reports, things aren’t good between T.I. and rumored girlfriend Bernice Burgos right now. Sources are alleging Burgos is “p***ed” about rumors that the rapper and his ex may still sleeping together.

“Bernice started hearing rumors that T.I. was still sleeping with Tiny some nights, sharing a bed,” a source told Hollywood Life this week of the latest drama to surround the couple.

Tiny filed for divorce from her husband of seven years in April after the two initially separated last year.

The insider claimed that Bernice initially “blew off” the claims and didn’t believe rumors the two were still sharing a bed at first. However, she allegedly then confronted the rapper about the accusations, only to have him not exactly deny the claims.

“Instead he got mad at her for trying to control him,” the source said of the drama and the alleged fight that ensued. “[Burgos is] p***ed because he said that wasn’t going on, that she was more than a sidechick.”

“Now it’s looking more and more like he just told her what she wanted to hear,” continued the insider of the latest drama to pop up from Harris and T.I.’s impeding divorce.

T.I. & Tiny Harris Still Sleeping Together? Bernice Burgos Not Happy
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As fans of the estranged couple will already know, rumors that Burgos may have come in between Tiny and T.I.’s marriage have been swirling for months now.

Bernice has always denied the allegations and has lamented that she and the rapper only ever got together after T.I. and Tiny had separated. However, if the latest report is to be believed, there’s a chance the rapper wasn’t completely upfront with the Instagram model about his relationship with Harris.

T.I. and Tiny have not spoken out regarding the latest allegations suggesting they may still be sleeping in the same bed, or at least were when he and Bernice first got together. The report comes shortly after Harris described her relationship with her estranged husband as being a “work in progress” amid rumors he’s getting closer to Bernice

Speaking about the current state of her relationship with T.I. during a recent interview with Jules Uncut, Tiny claimed that things are “going well” with her ex right now despite her filing for divorce earlier this year while also confirming that they are speaking again.

Are T.I. & Tiny Harris still sleeping together?
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Tiny then replied “maybe” when asked if she and the rapper would soon be back together; the duo have been known to call it quits only to reconcile in the past.

But while Tiny and T.I. appear to be on a better path amidst their divorce, Harris and Burgos haven’t exactly been shy about their drama and disdain for one another.

After publicly slamming each other on Instagram earlier this year with a nasty back and forth in which Harris claimed her husband was at home with her while putting Burgos on serious blast, the two have only continued to throw a whole lot of shade at each other in the weeks that have followed.

What do you think of reports claiming T.I.’s rumored new love, Bernice Burgos, is allegedly “p***ed” over allegations the rapper may still be sleeping with estranged wife Tiny Harris?

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