Todd Chrisley’s Talk Show Allegedly A Nightmare, May Never Be Aired

Fans knew that Todd Chrisley had a talk show on the way and everyone can’t wait for it. Now it turns out that according to Radar Online, the talk show didn’t go near as well as planned. It turns out that Todd is already done filming his talk show, but it may not end up airing at all. The outcome wasn’t what they thought it would be considering Todd’s huge fan base.

An insider revealed that they filmed several episodes, but things were not near as good as expected and USA is unsure about even airing it at all. The source went on to say, “So, Todd hired a team of comedy writers in Los Angeles to help save the show. They are currently in the process of redoing it, and Todd refuses to let it go. He is trying so hard to make this happen.” It sounds like they are really hoping that they can save it.

About a year ago, Todd acted really excited about the show. He shared that his family would be on the show along with several other guests. Todd even went as far as to compare himself to Oprah Winfrey at the time. If his talk show isn’t going as planned, then he probably won’t end up being the next Oprah that is for sure.

Radar Online originally shared back in March about the talk show plans. Todd planned to help people with giving them advice and doing it with tough love. Todd had plans to micro-manage his guests the same way that he does with his family. It doesn’t sound like this went as he had expected at all.

As of right now, Todd Chrisley hasn’t shared anything about the talk show and how it has been going. The fans would love to hear straight from him if the show is going to air or not and how things were when they were filming. USA has not shared an exact air date, but the fans were hoping for this show to start soon.

Are you shocked to hear that Todd Chrisley’s talk show didn’t go as planned? Do you think that there is any chance that he can save it? Sound off in the comments section below. Regardless of what happens with Todd Chrisley’s talk show, you will not want to miss Chrisley Knows Best when it returns to USA.

[Featured Image by Jason Davis/Getty Images]