Trump’s Face Smeared With Cake As India Celebrates The President’s Birthday, While Americans Hold Protests

Tsering TopgyalTsering Topgyal

It’s Trump’s birthday and some Americans will gift the president one-way tickets to Russia, while his face will be smeared with cake in India.

A fringe conservative organization, Hindu Sena, will be celebrating U.S. President Donald Trump’s birthday today with great pomp and ceremoniousness. Trump is turning 71 today, and to mark the occasion, the Hindu Sena will be hosting a celebration at the Jantar Mantar – a famous equinoctial sundial – in New Delhi.

The group of right-wingers held a similar ceremony last year during Trump’s presidential election campaign, where they prayed for the success of their favored candidate. Hindu Sena, led by Vishnu Gupta, often refers to Trump as the “savior of humanity,” and also preempted Trump’s win by celebrating in November last year, just days before the election.

It seems that Trump has firm supporters amongst the group, who will today cut a cake that weighs more than seven kilograms, or nearly sixteen pounds. The cake cutting will be preceded by a “raj tilak” ceremony, as reported by the Times of India.

During the ceremony, a picture of Donald Trump’s face will be smeared with cake and vermilion paste will be smeared onto his forehead. The vertical smear of vermilion paste is a symbolic mark of honor.

Vishnu Gupta, who describes the Hindu Sena as an “independent non-profit organization for Hindu causes,” had widely circulated an invitation to the day’s festivities on social media.

“I’d like to invite you all for Birthday Celebration of our beloved Mr. @realDonaldTrump President of #USA & Saviour of Hmanity on 14/06/17.”


The Indian Express caught up with Mr. Gupta in anticipation of the event, where he conveyed his admiration for Trump and revealed the picture they would be exhibiting today.

“Donald Trump is my hero. We will celebrate his birthday with much fanfare and pray for his long life. A cake weighing seven kilograms and one hundred grams will be cut in the function signifying his seventy-first birthday.”

The photo exhibition – purportedly aimed at celebrating the U.S. president’s whole life – will include images of Trump dating as far back as his childhood.


Mr. Gupta said that he has high hopes for the upcoming meeting between President Donald Trump and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“I have lot of hopes from the Modi-Trump meeting. I am sure both the nations will benefit from the meeting.”

In a nod to one of Trump’s key campaign talking points, Gupta hoped that Prime Minister Modi would return to India with additional knowledge on how to combat unemployment and increase the number of jobs available.

If Hindu Sena’s previous Trump birthday celebrations are anything to go by, the cakes and other sweet treats made for the occasion will be elaborate and ostentatious.


Meanwhile, back on U.S. soil, President Trump is planning to host an opulent birthday celebration of his own. It is alleged that the First Lady, Melania Trump, has been circulating a birthday card for Trump supporters to sign via an email which included a few words of encouragement.

“Our celebrations always include family and close friends. You have certainly proven yourself to be a loyal friend of my husband through your support of his positive vision to Make America Great Again and your unwavering commitment to the Republican Party.”

Sadly, however, not all Americans are prepared to celebrate the day with Trump.

Hundreds of people are expected to hit the streets of New York City to protest Trump’s continued habitation of the White House amid the various investigations into alleged Trump campaign links to Russian officials.

“Rise and Resist,” the group responsible for organizing the march, has urged all residents of New York City to join the procession to Trump Tower, where they plan to hold demonstrations. The protestors are also planning on giving President Trump a birthday gift. What could it be?

One-way plane tickets to Russia.

According to Newsweek, Andy Ratto, a member of “Rise and Resist,” says “Donald Trump is proposing policy after policy that will be destructive for America.” Ratto adds that while Trump is in Washington D.C. “blowing out the candles on his cake, we’ll be out in the streets saying we hope none of his wishes come true.”

The so-called “#Sad” party at Trump Tower is not the only planned protest event. In fact, the president’s birthday has been unofficially declared a “national day of anti-Trump events” by various groups who will be showing their displeasure with the president in different parts of the country, including Mar-a-Lago in Florida and the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County.

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