Simon Saran Slams Amber Portwood For Domestic Violence Comments, Says A Real Woman Speaks Up

Amber Portwood has been getting raw in her late night Instagram Live sessions, interacting with fans and giving them an inside glimpse into her life. The reality TV star has gone on the record talking about her troubled relationship with on-again, off-again fiancé, Matt Baier, the meetings she had with Vivid about a future sex tape and her net worth. But things took an ugly turn when she said that domestic violence survivors should not speak up for themselves.

Amber Portwood told the audience that she has been a victim of abuse, and that she didn’t speak up because a real woman takes it and doesn’t say anything.

“I’ve been through domestic violence. I was the one on the other f**king end with the domestic violence — it went both ways. However, I never opened up my mother f**king mouth about anybody ever f**king hitting me! Anybody! Because that’s what a real f**king woman does! That’s what a real woman does. I can f**king take that!” she told her audience.

The reality TV star was also arrested for a domestic violence incident in which she beat up ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, Leah, eight, on national television. She spent 24 hours in jail and was released on bond.

But not every Teen Mom OG star appreciates her “realness.” Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham’s on-again, off-again boyfriend is known for “trolling” the cast and making off-colour Twitter remarks about them.

And although he and Amber Portwood have been in a public feud for a while via Farrah Abraham, he lent some actual words of wisdom to his audience in the wake of Amber’s claim that a real woman just takes domestic violence.

“A real woman opens up about domestic violence. Don’t listen to that bimbo. You can save someone’s life later down the road. #TeenMomOG,” he wrote to his fans.


He also stated that a he thinks Amber Portwood needs help and support from the Teen Mom OG fans, which is one of the few times Simon Saran has actually been sincere and helpful in discussing the reality TV show. He has been known to spill MTV secrets, such as how little he and the other partners make when they appear on the reunion specials and that he and Farrah are still together, despite the fact that she is about to go abroad to film a dating show called Love, Socially.

Simon Saran correctly stated that Amber Portwood is in a position of influence and could actually save a life if she encouraged fans to speak up instead of to keep quiet about being beaten. Although she hasn’t addressed the statement, hopefully, she will end up recognizing the faults of it and retract it, instead, giving her fans resources for getting themselves out of abusive situations.

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