‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Paul Is On The Brink Of Psychosis And Rumors Say Many Favorites Are Returning

Willy SanjuanWilly Sanjuan

Days of Our Lives fans can look forward to the return of many of their favorite characters in the upcoming weeks, as revealed by SoapHub. The beautiful Alison Sweeney (Sami) is destined to make a comeback, joined by Chandler Massey (Will), Kassie DePaiva (Eve), William Utay (Dr. Rolf), and Eileen Davidson (Kristen/Susan and probably more).

We can also reveal that a hit Days of Our Lives character, Sheila who is played by singer-songwriter, T-Boz, will be back soon. Deidre Hall will be doing double duty once again as Hattie, Marlena’s doppelganger, who was also in jail with Hope

But what might be the most exciting future development is the return of Deidre Hall’s performance as Marlena’s feisty lookalike, Hattie. With Sheila and Hattie back, will Hope be haunted by her past life in prison?

Moreover, according to Jason47, many more familiar faces will be coming home to Salem soon. Also, don’t forget to catch Morgan Fairchild’s Days of Our Lives debut as Anjelica Deveraux, promising an encounter with Steve (Stephen Nichols).

Now, let’s take a look at what to expect from Days of Our Lives on Wednesday, June 14. There are hints of more romance and adventure in the world of the castaways, promising great intrigue and tension.

Paul (Christopher Sean) seems to be slipping into a psychosis as his “jungle madness” symptoms spiral out of control. While the castaways fear Paul’s return, JJ (Casey Moss) tells Sonny (Freddie Smith) that they may need to resort to more forceful measures to take Paul down.


But Sonny wants to protect Paul from hurting himself, so he will have to convince the others not to do anything drastic. Sonny intends to try a more compassionate route to seek to appeal to Paul’s suppressed reasonable side.

Despite this, everyone is getting even more concerned for their safety while Paul’s weird sickness takes a stronger hold on Paul’s sanity. Eli (Lamon Archey) stands firm by his suggestion of adopting a “kill or be killed” attitude to control the situation and prevent Paul from murdering all of them.

Elsewhere on the island, Gabi (Camila Banus) and Chad (Billy Flynn) are dealing with their emotions after they made love, prompting talks about their future. Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that the direction they will go in is to retrace their first journey towards each other to see if they indeed can pursue a meaningful relationship.

But what about Chad’s looming divorce from Abigail (Marci Miller)? How will his feelings towards Gabi affect it, especially because Thomas will always be a link between Chad and Abigail?

Meanwhile, back in Salem, Steve is feeling more intensely protective over Adrienne (Judi Evans) and will be completely bowled over when he finds out who has been going after Adrienne. Will it be a familiar face?

Steve wants to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Is the mysterious visitor going to be benevolent or will Adrienne’s life be in danger?

In a different part of town, Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) is dealing with mounting suspicion of her from everyone else. Claire just wants recognition for her singing talent, but was trusting Jade (Gabrielle Haugh) the right thing to do? Now, even Theo (Kyler Pettis) is assuming the worst of Claire.


Hope (Kristian Alfonso) already suspects Claire was deliberately creating a scandal, and together with Abe (James Reynolds), they will need to decide how to deal with the situation.

Meanwhile, Theo maintains his innocence. Will this lead to Abe, Hope, and Theo teaming up to confront Claire and claim that she brought the shame on herself? According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Claire will quickly try to place the blame of Jade.

Days of Our Lives fans can also look forward to some explosive drama when Justin’s (Wally Kurth) ex returns to seek revenge.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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