‘Little People, Big World’ Update: Matt Roloff Proud Of Jacob’s Love For Baby Jackson

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff is thrilled that his youngest son, Jacob, is showering his first grandchild with love. Jacob Roloff has already quit their reality show and left the family farm to find his own identity two years ago. This led to fans branding him as the Roloff family’s “black sheep.” Quite recently, however, the prodigal son has briefly returned home to meet baby Jackson for the first time.

Matt proudly shared a photo of Jacob cradling baby Jackson on his Facebook page and called it “a precious turn of events.”

“Our Baby J loves the new baby J. What a precious turn of events.”

The Inquisitr first reported of Jacob and baby Jackson’s first meeting early this month. Jacob and his girlfriend Izzy were on their extended road trip when they learned the news that Zach and Tori have already welcomed their child. The youngest Roloff son narrated on an Instagram post that he immediately packed up his truck to drive home and meet his first nephew. He also gushed being a first-time uncle.

“We grew very tired very fast of the desert, but Arches NP is where I found out about baby Jackson being born so it is special — and another reason why we blasted thru to California. Love bein an uncle so far. Love Little Man.”

Jacob’s homecoming sparked rumors that he might be returning to Little People, Big World soon. On his YouTube channel Rock and Roloff, the 20-year-old admitted that he might have said “inflammatory” things against his family in the past. He explained that it was a part of growing up, and he now has a more open view on things.

“I rebelled and I left the show and I left the religion I was brought up with…Now, I’m kind of like, okay, I don’t need to hate it. So essentially, all there is to say is that I just grew up.”

It seems that baby Jackson paved the way for Jacob to finally find his way home. And clearly, Matt Roloff is ecstatic about this family reunion. The new grandpa has been posting pictures of baby Jackson recently and loves having a new baby at their pumpkin farm. He fondly calls Jackson his “new Sheriff” and “little farmer.”

Jackson Kyle Roloff, born on May 12, is a little person just like his dad and grandparents. He just turned one month old on Monday, and proud parents Zach and Tori Roloff celebrated this milestone by sharing seven adorable facts about baby J. The parents wrote on Instagram that among many things, baby J “loves his Uncle Jacob.” The sweet mention confirms that all is well among the Roloff household.

Come September, the Little People, Big World family will welcome another baby. Jeremy and Audrey are expecting a baby girl and have just entered their third trimester of pregnancy.

Are you happy to see Jacob Roloff spending more time with family? Do you think he’ll be returning to the show soon? Little People, Big World airs every Tuesday on TLC.

[Featured Images by Matt Roloff/Facebook]