‘Street Outlaws: New Orleans’ Gears Up For A New Season Of Street Racing In The Big Easy

Over the years, street racing has evolved into something that has taken the country by storm as racers create their own underground street racing leagues, tournaments, and teams in order to gain bragging rights as the fastest city in the nation. Street Outlaws: New Orleans returns for another season of exciting action as Kye Kelley and the rest of the team strives to prove that they have what it takes to be called America’s best street racers.

According to The Futon Critic, as the new season of Street Outlaws: New Orleans begins, Kye is on a mission to regain the No. 1 spot from rival Scott Taylor. As the leader of the New Orleans racers, one of his main goals is to keep the highly competitive group of racing bandits working together instead of turning against each other. On this season of Street Outlaws: New Orleans, Kye upgraded his ’92 Camaro, known as “The Shocker,” with a new engine in the hopes of beating the new modifications Scott made to his ’92 Cutlass, which he calls “John Doe.”

As a rack track owner, Scott Taylor has a definite advantage since he has the means and the time to work on making his car fast enough to outrun Kelley. According to Discovery’s bio page for Scott, his main ally in the racing community is Brandon Smith, who is a small tire racer. Brandon happens to have his own rivalry going with Kye’s friend, Bobby Ducote. The team of Brandon and Scott have one main goal in mind on this season of Street Outlaws: New Orleans, and that is to beat Bobby and Kye.

Brandon Smith is known as one of the more quiet racers in the group, and according to his bio page, he likes to let his 2001 Mustang, “LSKilr,” do most of the talking for him unless someone talks too much smack for his liking. Brandon is a welder by trade, which helps him pay for all the parts he needs so he can stay competitive on the small tire list.

Bobby Ducote drives a Ford Maverick on small tires called “Lil’ Legend” and is proud of the fact that he currently has the fastest small tire car anywhere. Bobby is always full of energy and ready to talk smack, and sometimes gets himself into races where other drivers have more tire and more power, but somehow he always manages to walk away the winner.

Meanwhile, Broadway World shared that the top five racers on the “big-tire list” face more competition as three new drivers try out. NOLA team members Jerry Bird, Jason Thames, and Barry Nicholson hope the improvements they made during the off-season will help them hold onto their current positions. On this season of Street Outlaws: New Orleans, small-tire leader Bobby Ducote decides to shake up the “small-tire list” as well by inviting three new racers to try out. The current top ranking members made up of Shane Lester, Travis Santa Cruz, and Shannon Poole warn the new drivers that they are determined to keep their positions. Bobby will do anything needed in order to defend his position as leader against anyone, including contender Brandon Smith.

Street Outlaws: New Orleans and Street Outlaws are produced for the Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Media Group. Craig Piligian and Sam Korkis serve as the executive producers. For Discovery, Craig Coffman is executive producer, Todd Lefkowitz is the producer, and Lindsay Malinchak serves as the is associate producer.

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[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]