Kurt Angle/Stephanie McMahon/Triple H Love Triangle Happening Soon to Force Angle/HHH Match at ‘Summerslam’

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H haven’t been featured on WWE television since Wrestlemania. Stephanie was written off after taking a huge table bump that led to Seth Rollins getting the victory over The Game on the grandest stage of them all. The latter has disappeared into the shadows again the same way he did after losing to Roman Reigns in Dallas. However, the return of Stephanie and Triple H is happening very soon.

It was clear to WWE fans from the get-go that the ongoing “text message” angle that has been happening on Raw for the past few weeks would bring Stephanie McMahon back. There has been speculation about Triple H returning with her, but it seems likely that Angle and Stephanie will have some time to get reacquainted.

It’s being reported that WWE officials are planning a big romantic angle between Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon after her return to Raw. During the Attitude Era, there were flashes of romance between the two and the idea is to explore that tension several years later. Obviously, this angle would lead to a huge match between Angle and Triple H eventually. However, that match could be fast-tracked to WWE Summerslam.

Kurt Angle vs Triple H is Still Happening At Some Point In the Near Future
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On paper, WWE officials could extend the love triangle angle to last for several months. The blowoff match between Kurt Angle and Triple H could happen at Wrestlemania 34 next year in New Orleans. According to the former, the powers that be are monitoring Angle for his in-ring return. The rumors have been that Angle wouldn’t be able to compete until the end of the year, but WWE officials may have had a big change of heart.

There are several matches the WWE Universe would rather see than Angle vs. HHH, but their history makes the rekindling of their feud a natural direction to book, especially with Kurt in the General Manager role on Raw. The love triangle angle will also be something unlike that WWE hasn’t been done on for many years. It is also being said that WWE officials believe The Game to be the safest opponent for Angle’s return match.

There is no doubt a feud between Angle and Triple H over Stephanie McMahon’s affections will create many big moments and intrigue from the WWE Universe. However, it’s been known for years that Stephanie and Triple H have a family together and they’ve been together for almost two decades now. There is a chance the love triangle may not get the reactions that officials want, but it will finally get Kurt Angle back in the ring.

Kurt Angle Expected to Have Several More Matches in WWE
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It’s understandable that WWE officials would be skeptical about Angle’s health. His in-ring return is clearly only a matter of time, but the powers that be booking one big match with Triple H makes sense to make sure he could handle a match with Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, or anyone else who could challenge him in the ring.

The WWE Universe may feel differently. His work outside of WWE proved he can still go inside the ring, but the company wants to ensure another Sting situation won’t happen. It’s possible the angle won’t work, and a lot of people may not be thrilled with Stephanie McMahon and HHH taking up a lot of television time again.

However, most WWE fans are patiently waiting to see Kurt Angle wrestle again for WWE. If the match with Triple H goes well, there will be more in the future for WWE’s Olympic Hero. Their match could happen at WWE Summerslam, which means Angle’s next match could happen at any time and he could face anyone on the grandest stage of them all next year in New Orleans.

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