Sofia Vergara In Lingerie On The Set Of ‘Fading Gigolo’

Sofia Vergara flaunted her sexy, bombshell figure while shooting scenes for the upcoming film Fading Gigolo in New York City this week.

Vergara showed poise and confidence in a black lace corset that barely managed to contain her ample assets. The stunning Modern Family beauty seems to defy both gravity and age as the years trod on for the rest of us. She turned 40 this year and was named People‘s Sexiest TV Woman at the Emmys, proving that some things can improve with age.

The photo comes from the set of Vergara’s new film, Fading Gigolo, in which she engages in a three-way relationship with Sharon Stone, who plays a dermatologist, and John Turturro, who plays a male escort. Turturro’s cash-strapped, bookstore-owning pimp is portrayed by none-other than Woody Allen. Turturro also takes writing and directing credit for Fading Gigolo.

Vergara’s character is a wealthy woman who has become bored with her marriage.

The comedy, which also stars Liev Schreiber, Vanessa Paradis and Jill Scott, is set for release in 2013.

The Daily Mail speculates that the images come from a three-way sex scene being filmed with Turturro and 54-year-old Stone, who is seen embracing Vergara in a few of the pictures.

Slow down though, pervs. According to Vergara, the relationship is merely teased and hinted at in the film. “No lesbian loving,” said Vergara, clarifying, “somebody I don’t know thought it was more interesting to write, ‘Oh, Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara, they have to have like a lesbian scene.’ “

It’s a comedy, people! Not some borderline-pornographic art house film!

In any case, are you a fan of Sofia Vergara? Are you interested in seeing Fading Gigolo?