‘Kardashian Curse’ Blamed For Cavs Game 5 Loss And Tristan Thompson’s Mouth-To-Mouth ‘Kissing’ Fight [Video]

Once again, the so-called “Kardashian curse” is being blamed for a new failure: The Cleveland Cavaliers loss to the Golden State Warriors during Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The Warriors won Game 5 129-120 and went on to win the NBA championship on Monday, June 12. It was a heated match-up that found the Cavs down three games when Khloe Kardashian showed up at the Quicken Loans Arena, known as the beloved “The Q,” with Kourtney Kardashian on June 9, for Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Cavaliers were able to beat the Golden State Warriors at Quicken Loans Arena on June 9, with the Cavs bringing the series 3-1 that night. However, folks on social media aren’t crediting Khloe for that win and not writing about a “Kardashian blessing.” Instead, the “Kardashian curse” talk is once again surging on social media.

As seen on recent episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe’s mystery boyfriend was revealed as Tristan over the course of the season, with Kardashian visiting Thompson in Cleveland and even going off of birth control pills to make sure her follicle count was optimal to bear children, as reported by Yahoo. However, along with Khloe’s revelations about her new love, the “Kardashian curse” buzz has also surged.

Kardashian curse
Tristan Thompson [Image by Ben Margot/AP Images]

Talk of a “Kardashian curse” began years ago, with folks on social media blaming any downfall experienced by a man who was dating or married to a Kardashian woman on the “Kardashian curse.” Certain people chalked all of Lamar Odom’s problems up to the “Kardashian curse,” although Khloe admitted covering for Lamar’s problems for years and trying to help Odom.

Any troubles Kanye West experienced were blamed on the “Kardashian curse” and his marriage to Kim Kardashian. Any problems had by any of Kim’s previous husbands or successful suitors were blamed on the “Kardashian curse” as well. Folks on social media are joking that the “Kardashian curse” is so powerful that Tristan came lip-to-lip with Golden State Warriors forward David West in a dust-up during Game 5, with the joke being that Tristan was cheating on Khloe in an effort to break the all-powerful “Kardashian curse.”

[Image by Monica M. Davey/AP Images]

Despite all the talk of a “Kardashian curse,” Jeff Van Gundy recently defended Khloe, as reported by Us Weekly, and slammed anyone blaming Khloe for the Cavs woes via talk of the “Kardashian curse.” Van Gundy said that those blaming Khloe for a “Kardashian curse” on Tristan owe Khole an apology and that such “Kardashian curse” talk was “low-rent.”

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