Melania Trump’s Dad Has An Uncanny Resemblance to Someone Familiar And It Is Breaking The Internet [Photos]

Melania Trump officially moved into White House over the weekend nearly five months after her husband took office. She and her son, Barron had stayed back in New York so that he could finish school. Interestingly, she is the only first lady in recent history to have delayed moving into the White House.

Melania appeared happy by the move-in and even tweeted that she was looking forward to making some memories in her new home. Her relocation has raised the possibility that her parents might move to White House too.

Melania Trump’s parents also reside in Trump Towers in New York and play a significant part in looking after Barron, as reported by Heavy. While it not yet clear whether or not they will relocate to White House, her parents did arrive in Washington. Viktor and Amalija Knavs accompanied Melania on move-in day.

It is believed that Melania’s parents are very close to her and moved from Slovenia to New York to be close to their daughter. This is not the first time that they have made a public appearance. They were seated right behind the first lady at President’s inauguration.

However, internet noticed some uncanny similarities between Melania’s dad and Donald Trump this time around. Stepping out of President’s private plane, Viktor’s haircut, facial features, and long red tie were reminiscent of Donald himself.

Melania Trump Arriving in Washington with Donald and Barron
[Image by Pool/Getty Images]

Interestingly, Donald Trump and his father-in-law are nearly of same age. Mr. Knavs is 73-years-old, and President Trump will turn 71-years-old this week. Matt Novak, a tech writer for Gizmodo, shared a picture Melania’s parents on Twitter and people were quick to notice the striking resemblance.

One Twitter user even went through the trouble of zooming into the photo and sharing it, to point out that the size of Viktor’s hand was also akin to President Trump’s hands. Perhaps, the suit and long red tie may have added to the existing similarities.

Scientists and researchers have acknowledged the fact that birds, fish, and even mammals pick mates similar to their parents. This phenomenon is known as positive sexual imprinting. According to research, opposite-sex parent’s phenotype is used as a template while choosing mates in humans.

In an interview, Melania Trump had also acknowledged that there were similarities between her father and Donald Trump. She was talking about their traits such as their hardworking nature, smartness, and capabilities. Now, it appears that the internet also thinks they are similar but more so regarding their appearances.

Here are a few of the tweets that show how internet went wild with this discovery.

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