Abby Lee Miller Shades Maddie Ziegler’s Mom On Instagram, Says ‘The Truth Will Come Out’

Fans of Dance Moms will remember that Abby Lee Miller was particularly close with the Ziegler family and counted the girls’ mother, Melissa Gisoni, as amongst her best friends.

However, the former reality star has gone totally petty and shaded Melissa on her Instagram, writing, “The truth will come out.”

But it doesn’t seem that the friendship was for life. Instead, the Ziegler girls and Melissa seem to have distanced themselves from Abby Lee Miller in the past several months. Mackenzie Ziegler, the youngest, blocked Abby on Instagram just last month, and Abby claimed that none of the original cast members or their mothers reached out to her following her prison sentencing in early May.

During an interview with Wendy Williams, Abby Lee Miller also hinted that some of the mothers were in on the fraud that she was arrested for. Among bankruptcy fraud, Miller was also found guilty of not declaring over $10,000 that she brought in from a business trip to Australia, where she gave classes, made appearances, and sold merchandise.

“The moms were out in the lobby area, they are selling the merchandise, taking pictures. You can’t get a credit card machine in other countries unless you have a bank account in that country, and you rent them from the bank. I can show you all the moms’ 1099s for what they made,” she stated on the show.

Although she put the hashtag #thetruthwillcomeout underneath the Instagram photo, it is difficult to tell exactly what she means. For a while, Melissa Gisoni also worked for Abby Lee Miller at the front desk and doing some of the accounting, but clearly, Abby is having a difficult time taking full responsibility for her actions.

She recently posted that the truth would come out underneath a photo of Chloe Lukasiak and Nia Sioux Frazier embracing on a Dance Moms fan account. Christi Lukasiak, Chloe’s mother, however, wrote that the truth had already come out and that it landed her in prison. Ouch.

While Abby Lee Miller posted this photo for Best Friends Day, it is fairly clear they not best friends anymore. Maddie Ziegler, who has become pretty famous in the days since she starred on Dance Moms, thanks to her gig with the singer Sia, has stated in her book The Maddie Diaries that she was often so nervous at competitions that she would bite her nails to the quick. She confessed that she was often afraid of Abby Lee Miller’s temper and what she would say if she didn’t get first place.

Abby Lee Miller will be checking into prison at the end of this month, where she will be expected to turn herself in. She will likely be serving time in California, as she has requested she do so in order to have some of her business contacts visit her during that time. She has stated she wants to work on a scripted series about dance she has in mind while she has idle time.

The former reality star has also revealed that she is trying to work on Dance Moms: The Musical, which will make its way to Broadway. However, she has said that Lifetime feels they own the rights to the idea since they created the show and therefore are “messing it up as usual.”

Abby Lee Miller also plans to write a tell-all book about her experiences with Dance Moms, which she has not been shy about describing as less than positive. She has blamed the producers for misogyny, stepping in and changing things they don’t know anything about, and not giving her a big enough budget for costuming.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]