‘Big Brother 19’ Cast Announcement: CBS Posts Official Date For ‘BB19’ Cast Reveal

The Big Brother 19 cast announcement finally has a date from CBS. The network just provided an official date for the BB19 cast reveal, giving viewers some long-awaited information on the show’s Twitter account. The post announced that live feed subscribers will get to watch former houseguest Jeff Schroeder introduce the new BB19 cast on Monday, June 19.

This is huge news and brings an end to months of Big Brother 19 rumors about when the information would finally become available to viewers. The announcement came on Monday morning (June 12), fueling speculation that the BB19 cast members are already getting sequestered this week. Of course, this will also add to the number of Big Brother 19 rumors on Twitter that discuss possible cast lists that have been leaked.

There are some teasers in a report by CBS to go along with the announcement, telling viewers that they will have to tune in next Monday to see how Jeff Schroeder welcomes the newcomers. It seems that this may indicate a twist is coming or that there is something interesting that Schroeder will be doing during the interviews. It’s once again safe to say that viewers should expect the unexpected when they tune in to see the Big Brother 19 cast members revealed to the world for the first time.

The Big Brother 19 season premiere is on June 28, so fans of the show have been scrambling to find out any details they can about how it will work this summer. There had been some rumors during winter and early spring that CBS would use this season to roll out a second edition of the All-Stars format. When casting director Robyn Kass began hosting open casting calls for future Big Brother cast members, it started to become obvious that production was looking for some “new blood” for the program.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this hasn’t stopped Big Brother 19 rumors about having returning houseguests or celebrities entering the BB19 house this summer. Some names have been refuted, while some unverified information on Twitter continues to get shared by fans who are finding some of the rumors to be very believable. Until those rumored Big Brother 19 cast lists are confirmed, though, it’s safer for fans of the show not to believe everything that gets posted to Twitter.

The first Big Brother 19 episode will be a two-hour installment on June 28. Producers will use that time to introduce the BB19 cast, showcase the new look to the house, and likely show footage of several competitions. Typically, the Big Brother cast members enter the house the weekend before the season premiere, meaning they will likely start playing the game the prior Saturday (June 24). That gives a lot of time for producers to collect footage.

It’s very likely that the entire season premiere will feature taped footage, and viewers may not actually see any live footage until the second week of the program. It’s also possible that the production team could shake things up with the BB19 cast members and have the first live eviction on Thursday night (June 29), but that wouldn’t give the first evicted houseguests a lot of time in the game. That information will likely get revealed by CBS at a later date.

When it comes to CBS turning on the live feeds to the BB19 house, that will take place following the West Coast viewing of the June 29 episode. That would mean the live feeds will become viewable at roughly 10 p.m. PT/1 a.m. ET on Thursday evening. At that point, subscribers can finally catch up on the game and see what the Big Brother 19 cast members have been up to.

[Featured Image by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]