Melania Holds $13,461 Hermes Birkin Bag, Dons $1,150 Pants For White House Move: Purse Vs. Hand Video [Photos]

Now that First Lady Melania Trump has made her long-awaited move into the White House, as reported by the Inquisitr, the buzz is beginning once more on social media about the awkward hand-holding situation between President Donald Trump and Melania. Folks are also buzzing about Melania’s clothes worn during the all-important move into the White House.

According to White House Wardrobe, Melania wore a pair of $1,150 pants from Bally’s Spring RTW 2017 collection, which can no longer be purchased. Melania also carried a very special purse with her for Mrs. Trump’s White House move: a Hermès Birkin bag, with a price tag of about €12,000, according to That translates to $13,461 in U.S. currency, although some social media users claim the Birkin bag costs a lot more.

However, people online are once again buzzing about the way Melania placed her Birkin bag in her left hand as she exited Air Force One with President Trump, with self-proclaimed body language interpreters on social media viewing Melania’s purse move from her right hand to her left hand as a way of avoiding holding President Trump’s hand. The following photo gallery shows Melania’s Birkin bag and outfit, and the hand-holding that happened upon exiting Marine One. The video below displays the interaction between Melania and President Trump upon deplaning from Air Force One.

As seen in the following video, Melania switched her Bikin bag from her right hand to her left hand as she stepped out of Air Force One and didn’t hold President Trump’s hand at all as they made the short walk with their son, Barron Trump, to Marine One.

Later, as Melania and President Trump exited Marine One to walk across the South Lawn to the White House on Sunday, June 11, as they returned from Bedminster, New Jersey, President Trump reached for Melania’s left hand. Since Melania was holding the Birkin bag in her left hand, it was an awkward switchover that had to occur in order to grab President Trump’s hand.

As a result of the melee over the Birkin bag holding versus President Trump’s hand-holding attempts, plenty of people on social media are interpreting their viewpoints of the situation, as witnessed by a search for “Melania hand” on Twitter.

It isn’t the first time Melania has been spotted carrying a Birkin bag, as seen in the below photo from British Vogue.

Folks also have plenty to say about Melania carrying a pricey Birkin bag, which is seen as a beloved status symbol by those who can afford to carry a Birkin bag or aspire to carry a Birkin bag like Melania.

Some of the comments being made on social media about Melania’s Birkin bag and President Trump’s hand-holding attempts can be read below.

“I wonder how much it cost him to have Melania hold his hand for 10 seconds.

“Melania shimmies away from holding Trump’s hand AGAIN as she finally moves to White House.”

“Of course. Orders from the President: ‘Melania I HOPE you’ll hold my hand and show some loyalty or I’ll cut your divorce settlement in half.'”

“Oh okay, Melania won the handbag carrying quest but lost to the hand holding. Never mind you cannot win them all I guess?”

“Melania didn’t look excited to move in with the Donald. She would rather hold her Hermes Birkin than his hand.”

“Melania and her Birkin will make many memories there…. and Barron.”

“Melania’s Birkin costs more than most college students make in a year but keep dragging HRC and Michelle for their fashion choices.”

“I guarantee you Melania has more than one Hermes Birkin bag. Add a zero for those.”

“My First Lady knows FASHION honey! You better TOTE that Birkin now Melania!!!!”

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]