Bachelor Nation Is Plagued With Problems Lately – Will It Cause A Drop In Popularity

Bachelor Nation has received bad news on top of bad news lately. What impact will it have on the loyal fans of the Bachelor franchise? Let’s take a look at the news that has been coming out.

Fan favorite Chris Soules was involved in a fatal car accident on April 24. As news came out, the story just got more heartbreaking. The down-to-earth farmer Bachelor Nation had fallen in love with was accused of causing the accident that killed his neighbor while under the influence of alcohol. He had also left the scene of the accident, which is now a point of contention between the prosecution and defense. Of course, Bachelor Nation spoke out. Many defended Chris, while others were sad and upset about the poor choices he had exercised that evening. Of course, that story is far from settled and Bachelor Nation will be watching for the outcome.

On May 5, Bachelor Nation got the news that alumni Mike Nance had been found deceased. He had been on Emily Maynard’s season. The toxicology reports are said to take several weeks but there was no foul play suspected in his untimely death. In an interview with The Bachelorette, he had disclosed, however, that he had a prescription pain pill problem. Initial investigations had lead to the tentative conclusion that it was an accidental overdose.

With the premiere of The Bachelorette for Rachel Lindsay’s season, there has, of course, been more drama. There has been the normal drama of arguments among those vying for her heart. And then there was DeMario Jackson and his girlfriend showing up to call him out to Rachel and Bachelor Nation. This was after the controversy of the racial tweets that Lee Garrett had on social media. Production had several contestants bringing drama instead of being viable options for Rachel Lindsay.

The ratings for this season of The Bachelorette are down. This says something is going on in Bachelor Nation. The built-in following the Bachelor franchise has with Bachelor Nation is huge and loyal. When ratings drop, it shows that part of Bachelor Nation is sitting it out. Of course, in looking at the reason, social media pondered if race was an issue. Rachel Lindsay, the first black Bachelorette, is a fan-favorite, however. Bachelor Nation loves her because of the strong and intelligent woman seen each time you tune in.

The latest shocker for Bachelor Nation came just today. Apparently, something has happened while filming Bachelor In Paradise. Though the details aren’t out yet, prepare yourself for a big shock. Reality Steve broke the story on his Twitter but doesn’t know all the details yet. From what he does know already, he is saying it is bad. E Online reported that a show spokesperson said that there was some misconduct that caused production to stop while they investigated and acted accordingly. Bachelor Nation may have a summer without the show as well. There is no word yet of a chance of completing the season or canceling.

Bachelor Nation is a very loyal group. They are active and supportive of the franchise as well as alumni. They showed support of Chris Soules, offered condolences to the family and friends of Michael Nance, and have been supportive of Rachel Lindsay. The fans will pull together for the successful franchise and all the drama-filled shows it brings our way.

What do you think of all the chaos in the Bachelor franchise? Are you still loyal to Bachelor Nation? Are your fingers crossed that we still get Bachelor In Paradise this summer? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by ABC]