‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 11 Premiere Date, Spoiler Update: Will Amy Say ‘Yes’ To Sheldon’s Proposal?

The Big Bang Theory Season 11’s Episode 1 is one of the most anticipated episodes of the long-running comedy series. It is set to reveal whether or not Amy (Mayim Bialik) says “yes” to Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) proposal.

In Big Bang Theory Season 10 finale, Sheldon got up from his chair, saying “excuse me,” after his long-time admirer Dr. Ramona Nowitzki (Riki Lindhome) kissed him on the lips. He walked out of his office building and got into a cab, and went straight to the airport. He booked a ticket and got on a plane, and flew across the country — all by himself. Reaching Amy’s apartment at Princeton, he executed his signature three knocks on her door, saying, “Amy, Amy, Amy.”

When Amy opened the door, she found Sheldon on one knee with the engagement ring in his hands. He finally proposed to Amy, “Will you marry me?” The jaw-dropping moment ended without revealing Amy’s answer. Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro had said that the audience would get to see Amy’s proper reaction when Season 11 premieres in the fall.

Will Amy say “yes?” Entertainment Weekly‘s newest spoiler report provides “a glimmer of hope.” When EW‘s Natalie Abrams asked Steve Molaro what would be “important to Shamy on their wedding day,” he said, “Whether or not they’re wearing Star Trek uniforms.”

Molaro’s answer indicates that Amy is most likely to say “yes.” However, according to EW, even if the two get engaged, they are not likely to tie the knot soon.

“Even if Amy does say yes, I have to imagine there’s a long road ahead for this couple — especially since they’ve moved at a snail’s pace to get to this point in the first place.”

Earlier in May, Molaro told the Hollywood Reporter that any viewer would imagine that Amy would say yes, but “we, the audience, know what propelled him there. It’s an interesting situation, and I’m excited to see how it turns out.”

He was talking about the kiss that resulted in Sheldon getting on the plane and arriving at Amy’s door with the engagement ring, which the viewers first got see in Season 8 finale after Amy broke up with him. It might look like the kiss prompted Sheldon to propose out of guilt. Molaro did not rule out the possibility of Ramona causing a problem in Sheldon and Amy’s relationship.

“We were careful to keep Sheldon an innocent bystander in all this but another woman being the impetus? If I’m Amy, I’m not sure how I feel about that. She knows she loves Sheldon and he’s here in front of me … but it’s a really interesting situation.”

In addition to Amy’s reaction, it will be interesting to see the reactions of Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Howard (Simon Helberg), Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) when they learn about Sheldon’s proposal. Molaro said that he would imagine that the gang would be happy. However, it would come as a shock to them as well.

In May, he also said that they were ready to start some new adventures for the characters, both in their professional and personal lives, in Big Bang Theory Season 11.

“What’s nice about season 11 is we’re on a fresh page in a lot of their lives and we’re ready to start some new adventures personally and professionally and it’s going to be fun to dig into that.”

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 premieres on Monday, September 25, on CBS. Young Sheldon debuts after the season premiere of Big Bang Theory. The spinoff series follows 9-year-old Sheldon, played by Iain Armitage, growing up in East Texas with his parents, older brother, and twin sister, and going to high school. Jim Parsons is part of the new series as a narrator and not as an actor.

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